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Lash Mama: expecting a pregnant client (Part 2)


Get ready, lash ladies, we are moving to the next point of our discussion:


#3 Patch test - everyone will pass

     The law of lash studios’ jungle says: every lash mama should pass a patch test before undergoing a full lash set. A patch test is a quick and simple-to-perform procedure which is impossible to fail. A small amount of glue and extensions are applied to the natural lashes is all that it takes for you, and attendance is the only thing required of your client. The test is a safe way to find out whether any allergy is present along with checking a client’s tolerance to the glue. If your client is unable to bear the smell of adhesive even during this demo version of the appointment, it is a clear signal that the procedure should be put off. A patch test is equally essential both for your new and old clients. Because of hormonal changes, allergy and other reactions can break out even if there were none of these symptoms within the past appointments. Any of the above is dangerous for the mother’s health and for the baby’s development, and in case of the emergency a doctor may be unable to provide effective medical assistance.


#4 Let your lash studio become her room for manoeuvre

Prepare a lash mama friendly space in advance.

  • The first most important thing to work on is a recliner chair. If it features leaning or sitting up it’s perfect by default, if not - you can make it perfect through your own efforts! How? Simply add pillows. Lying on her back tends to bring a feeling of discomfort for a pregnant lady, especially in the final months. The pillows support the spine contributing to its decompression and decreasing the pressure on the lower back.



There is no such thing as too many pillows. Let there be a little soft hill made of them so that our lash mama is supported and comfortable through and through. Just make sure that you still can reach her without a struggle!

  • Suggest her lying on her side instead of her back. This position also grants your lash mama will know you care. Although it may take working from an angle you are not used to, it is a challenge that is beneficial both to you and your client.
  • Get some air in stock. The better your studio is ventilated, the less fumes get the chance to disturb your client. 


#5 Keep calm and take your time

     The good old adage “time is money” applies in the lash mama case just like everywhere else, but in a bit of an upside-down way. Here the more time you get ready to spend ahead of the appointment, the greater results you will receive at its end.

     Adding 20 minutes to your normal treatment time is not a big loss for you, but a tremendous help to her. The infinity of opportunities become available: stretching her legs, visiting a bathroom, having a cup of water.

     Do not hesitate to wonder whether your client is feeling well. Small differences are famous for being a real game-changer, so get these celebrities onboard!

     And what pregnant ladies are known for is the desire to get a larger than they usually do volume of lashes. This mostly relates to heavily pregnant lash mummies before their due date. However, here it is time to be brave and honestly tell your client you are not sure that the extended appointment time is a good idea. Instead, leaning toward a volume requiring a shorter period of time to be done is a brilliant offer!


Why it is worth it

     Despite all the difficult criteria a lash artist has to meet working with a pregnant woman, it is certainly worth it. Of course, looking from a distance, all these rules may seem like an egg dance - one wrong step and the game is over. However, once you zoom in on the actual course of action, they are pretty easy to follow. And in the end you receive trust of a grateful client and the next level in gaining an impeccable reputation completed happily.


Besides, you have a chance to become a trusted lash artist for a few family generations literally. Doesn’t this sound cool?

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