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How to stop customer's eyelids twitching and opening while lashing?


All lash artists will always agree that the aim is to make our clients look gorgeous and make their eyes glow by creating a flawless lash set. But at the same time, we cannot forget about how comfortable they feel during the appointment. It is important to pay attention to this matter, as it may affect the final result of your work as well as the general impression your customer will get from the session.


For clients that come to get their lashes done for the first time, it can be quite challenging to keep their eyes closed tightly. Moving eyelids, twitching, opening the eyes during the session might cause issues and make it difficult to work with the client’s lashes efficiently and correctly, which in turn cause retention issues in the future. Moreover, when the eye is moving all the time, the risk of being exposed to glue fumes, or even the glue getting into the eye, becomes higher than ever.


Although most of us love talking to our clients when we meet them, during consultation and discussion of their final look, when you constantly talk to a client it may cause the eyelids to flicker, and as a result move the eye pads. Also, chatty clients do not always realize how difficult it is to isolate one lash when the eyeball is moving around under a twitching eyelid.


That is why not only lash artists who work with the new clients struggle with this issue but also those who have regular customers who feel comfortable lying for a long time with their eyes closed.


Here are some tips to calm your clients and make their eyelids less moving during the application:

  • Kindly ask them not to drink too much coffee or any caffeinated drinks the day they have an appointment.
  • Once everything is prepared and you start working on a client – talking should be minimized or even reduced to zero, so eyes won’t flutter.
  • Ask your clients if the light is too harsh if anything is bothering them. If so, try to reduce the light by cutting out a piece of lash patches in the shapes of a circle and apply it to the eyelid. This will block out the light, might help your client to sleep.
  • We suggest creating a nice and relaxing playlist, to turn it on during the lash extension or lifting process. Clients should enjoy their “lash nap” as much as possible.
  • Although lash artists might feel shy or nervous when asking their clients not to talk, if you do it kindly and correctly explain it, they will definitely understand the situation and the risks.


We hope the tips are useful and all the further lash sessions will be pleasant for both lash artists and clients.

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