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Red eyes after extensions

Red eyes after extensions

How to understand whether it is a client's allergy or it is the artist's fault, and most importantly, how to avoid it?

1. The client's eye was ajar during the procedure. The artist does not see from the working position whether there is a gap between the eyelids, and the client does not always feel that her eye is ajar.
⇾ What to do?
Glue a few eyelashes from the bottom row to the patch so that the eyelid cannot open.

2. The pad slipped off into the eye during the procedure. This can be due to eyelid configuration, eyelid mobility or initially due to incorrect fixation.
⇾ What to do? Every 20 minutes, check that the patch does not touch the edge of the conjunctiva and that the bottom eyelash bases are clearly visible, the collagen is not swollen. Bandages and patch can be combined on complex eyelids.

3. During detachment, the artist opens the lid. If you press the tweezers on the pad during the detachment, a gap is formed between the eyelids, where evaporation of the glue instantly penetrates. Therefore, it is very important to control your tweezers during the detachment.

4. Particularity of vessels, sensitive eyes. In this case, redness is not dangerous and will pass quickly.
⇾ How to find out the difference? Such clients have redness after a sleep or from bright light. At the same time, the eyes do not hurt. Find out if there is such a particularity.
For such customers, reduce the brightness of the lamp.

5. Allergy to glue. In that case, even if you did everything perfectly - the redness will still be.
If the client has allergy, any antihistamine will relieve or reduce the symptoms. If the symptoms persist, it means that one of the above reasons is present.
⇾ What to do?
You can try to change the glue, as well as put a bigger indent. If you suspect allergies, make a partial volume first and watch out for reactions. If there are manifestations, it is better to abandon the extensions.

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