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Volume Vanishes: What to do if your glue doesn't hold Volume Extensions?

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POV: the client came to you for a Volume set and you are going to do lash wonders. You have all you need, especially your talent. All tools are well-prepared and waiting for the lash magic that is going to happen. And it happens. The client leaves satisfied and the cost seems clear. But then another kind of magic happens, and this time it’s not a good one. In some mysterious way, Volume Vanishes, and the volume lash extensions begin to fall out from the very first days since the appointment. So what has happened? Especially if nothing changed, neither technique, materials, nor environment, etc. How to solve this mystery? Well, don’t be quick to panic, as we will investigate this case and find out once and for all what to do when Volume Vanishes.


 1. Adhesive isn't working?

The key to beautiful, long-lasting volume eyelashes extensions is a high-quality lash glue. It ensures a seamless blend between the natural lashes and the extensions, providing longevity and durability.


The Common Issue of Glue Not Holding Volume Extensions

There’s nothing more frustrating than witnessing your painstakingly applied volume extensions falling out prematurely. This not only diminishes the client's experience but also reflects poorly on the professional’s expertise. When you are going to perform Volume, try taking a bigger amount of glue at the base of your fan, as its base is thicker, and the usual amount for one individual lash may not be enough. The chances are high that this is the reason for premature fallout.


 2. Lashes are too heavy?

Sometimes, the lash tech needs to assess the strength of the client’s natural lashes. The chances are that they can hold mink individual lashes extensions, but the weight of the fans is something they can’t hold and lash extensions falling out. You can try opting out for lighter and thinner extensions when you form a fan. For those whose natural lashes are pretty weak, it’s a good solution for a question how to get better lash retention.


3. Proper Lash Attachment

A Volume Fan has to be properly attached to the natural lash. It requires precise application and firm hold. We recommend you double-check the attachment with the help of your trusted tweezers and lash extensions brush. It will help you to notice places that need your attention.


 4. Is it just a Natural Lash Cycle?

Don’t forget that natural lashes have their life cycle. So maybe if the fans fall out with Volume extensions it means that their time has come. So is it okay or is Volume Vanishes? It’s just normal to lose about 4-5 lashes a day. So, it’s not a lash retention, it’s a new lash phase.


5. The clock is ticking

While creating a Classic set, you apply the individual extension to the natural lash pretty quickly after you dip it into the glue. And while forming a hand-made fan this time can be significantly longer. Thus, if the fan is already formed and you dipped it into the glue, but you had to spare time isolating a lash, dip the fan again. The bond may weaken if the adhesive dries up, which can lead to premature fallout, so we won’t let this happen.



Lash artists need to realize that while skill is paramount, there are numerous external and internal factors that can impact the effectiveness of lash extension glue. By identifying and addressing these factors, professionals can improve their service quality. Don’t rush things, don’t give up just when you face a challenge. There is always a solution, and nothing is impossible with a bit of determination and passion. After all, every client deserves volume that lasts, and every professional should have the tools and knowledge to deliver just that.

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