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What problems do lash techs face?


The eyelash extension business has grown exponentially over the past decade, with many individuals gravitating towards the profession. Like any other field, the world of eyelash extensions is not without its challenges. This article delves into the diverse issues faced by lash techs, offering insights and solutions for professionals in the industry.

In recent years, the lash industry has soared in popularity, with many investing time and effort into becoming proficient eyelash extension technician. However, navigating this world can be fraught with unique challenges, both technical and business-oriented. Here's a closer look at these issues.


Physical Challenges

  • Prolonged hours of sitting and working on clients:
Being a lash tech often means several hours of focusing on intricate details. These prolonged periods can be physically demanding, leading to fatigue and other health issues. Ensuring ergonomic seating, taking regular breaks, and practicing stretching exercises can alleviate these challenges.
  • Ergonomic issues and potential health problems:
From poor posture to repetitive motions, lash techs are at risk for various ergonomic-related ailments like backaches, wrist pains, and eye strains. It’s a good idea to practice yoga, or other relaxing activities, and do sports in a free time.


Client-Related Challenges

  • Dealing with diverse client expectations and preferences:

Each client is unique, and managing individual expectations regarding lash thickness, length, or curl can be demanding. Try to maintain open conversation and be attentive to their needs and preferences.

  • Handling difficult or demanding clients:

Mishaps like messed up lashes or lashes sticking together can lead to unhappy clients. How a technician handles such situations can make or break their reputation. Active listening, setting clear expectations, and being patient are key components in managing client relationships.


Adhesive and Technical Challenges

  • Adhesive performance and troubleshooting:

Issues like eyelashes sticking together or not staying on can often be traced back to lash extension glue problems. Understanding how humidity, temperature, and shelf-life impact adhesive performance is crucial. Make sure to stock up with the adhesive in a trusted lash supply store to ensure you buy quality product that will show you a great performance.

  • Lash retention and lash mapping difficulties:

Ensuring mink individual lashes last while also making them appear natural requires skills and experience. The lash industry is ever-evolving. Regular training and seeking lash tech tips can help technicians stay ahead of the curve.


Business and Career Challenges

  • Competition in the industry:

As the eyelash extension business expands, the market becomes more saturated, making it imperative for techs to differentiate their services. For example, doing Volume and Classic evenly, or offering lash lifting services.

  • Building and maintaining a client base:

Doing eyelashes is an art, and client loyalty hinges on consistent quality. Be active on your social media, raise client engagement. Ask for feedback and learn how to use this information in your benefit.

  • Pricing and financial challenges:

Determining the right pricing strategy while ensuring profitability can be daunting. Keep an eye on the competitors to ensure that your prices are not too high or too low. It’s a smart move to maintain a golden mean in such a case.

  • Balancing work-life and self-care:

Avoiding burnout by balancing work commitments with personal downtime is essential for long-term success in the industry.


Hygiene Challenges

  • New hygiene and safety protocols:

Ensuring the safety of both the technician and the client is paramount. Adhering to stringent sanitation protocols has become the new norm.

  • Adjusting to changing circumstances:

Being flexible and adapting to shifts in the business landscape can help techs navigate these unprecedented times.



Being a lash tech, while fulfilling, comes with its own set of challenges. By understanding these issues, seeking continuous education, and employing best practices, eyelash technicians can thrive in this dynamic industry, delivering impeccable results while building a robust clientele.

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