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Tricks To Deal With Difficult Clients Effectively


Let’s be honest here - while we all have our favorite clients, not every woman that comes to our salon is pleasant to work with. Like any other business, experienced lash technicians like yourself, may encounter some difficult clients. Even though dealing with demanding clients isn’t a walk in the park, we must remember to stay professional and cater to their individual needs. In today’s article, we want to present tips and tricks for handling difficult clients effectively. 


Canceled Appointments and Tardiness


Most of us have been guilty of arriving late at appointments. As we are all human, inconvenient events may arise. But the same rules don’t apply when difficult clients regularly cancel their appointments or show up very late. If you experienced such tardiness from clients, the best thing to do is kindly inform them about their poor time management. Remember, your time is valuable and there’s not much time to waste in a day. 


Upset Clients


Having an upset or angry client may seem like the end of the world. Their reactions may be over-exaggerated and they may even lose control in the salon. While rude behavior shouldn’t always be accepted, every individual responds to situations differently so don’t take their anger personally. Behind the scenes, the clients could be going through difficult struggles, which may be the cause of their anger. As a professional, the safest bet is to communicate with them and land on a compromise that works for both sides. 


Dissatisfied Clients


If you have ever had lousy and negative reactions from clients, then you are no stranger to this situation. No matter how hard you may try, the clients may find small problems or details that simply don’t work for them. In these situations, it’s very important to calmly address your clients' concerns and not feed into the negativity. Offering complimentary services or ASAP redos could turn dissatisfied customers into loyal ones. Don’t forget - your professional reputation depends on their satisfaction recommendations. 


Clients Arrive Sick At Appointments


And last but not least, let’s see how we can deal with sick clients who arrive at our salon doors. When your customers don’t feel the best, it’s your job as a professional technician to advise them to reschedule their appointments. This way, you won’t be putting the health of your fellow lash technicians and other clients at risk. By not imposing any cancelation penalties, you will demonstrate incredible grace and courtesy that will be remembered by your difficult clients. 

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