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Eyelash Extensions: A Journey Through The Centuries (Part 1)

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Dear lash lovers of the world, here’s a quick and fun challenge for you. Can you guess how long fake eyelashes have existed in the beauty industry? And how did the idea of gluing synthetic and mink eyelashes onto natural ones arise? Well, you would be surprised to know that fake eyelashes and lash extensions go as far back as 3400 B.C.! In our exciting article, let’s explore the history of eyelash extensions, and their journey through the centuries. 


History Of Mascara In Ancient Egypt


When we think of makeup in Ancient Egypt, it’s safe to say Queen Cleopatra comes to everyone’s mind. Who can forget the iconic eyeliner, right? Apart from eyeshadow, Ancient Egyptians were known to rock the first ever mascara in history.  

Formulated with Kohl, water and a bit of honey, both Egyptian men and women would regularly darken their lashes with mascara, as a way to keep the evil spirits away. 


Elizabeth I and Passion For Red Tint


The fiery redhead - Queen Elizabeth I, was a true trendsetter of her time. Fascinated and bewitched by her long strands of red hair, the women of the 1500s would dye their hair and their eyelashes to resemble their Queen. This is believed to be the start of the colored eyelashes trend. 


Victorian Time and Lash Implants


Now, let’s go back to the late 1800s, to answer the question: were eyelash extensions invented? In famous capitals of the world, like Paris and London, women would go through unpleasant procedures to have eyelashes implanted in their eyelids using needles. Now we know where the phrase ‘beauty requires sacrifice’ comes from! 


Karl Nessler and First Form of False Eyelashes


We are slowly approaching the modern era of eyelash extensions. The first form of fake eyelashes was documented in England in 1902. This creation came from the inventor Karl Nessler, and his innovative method of curling artificial eyelashes. He even began selling his invention to hair salons in London!


William McDonnel and First Patented Device To Curl And Apply False Lashes


While it’s easy to Google How To Curl Your Eyelashes now, the first eyelash curler took years to develop. In 1931, the first-ever patented device to curl and apply false lashes was invented by William McDonell. Almost a century later, and we still use the same lash devices for our modern natural lashes and extensions!




As the history of false extensions, mascaras and eyelashes are so rich, this is just the beginning of the glamorous journey into the lash world. Follow us to see Part 2 of eyelash extension history, as we continue to deliver interesting and fascinating facts.

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