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Benefits of Using Stacy Lash Booster


Lash artists are always looking for new ways to create memorable and long-lasting eyelash sets that immediately captivate everyone’s attention. Who wouldn’t want to have long and striking lashes?! While the key to good lash works is high-quality lash glue, the secret to strong bonding power is eyelash extension booster. Introducing the new Stacy Lash Booster! In this article, let’s explore what lash boosters are, why we need them and the benefits of using boosters for lash fans. 


What Is a Booster and What Do We Need It For?


Let’s start with the basics. An Eyelash extension booster is a product that speeds up the bonding time of the lash adhesive. A few drops of the booster on the base of a lash extension strip are all that’s needed to accelerate the curing process. 

Super lightning curing speeds sound absolutely amazing, but did you know eyelash extension boosters are also great for sensitive clients? As the liquid formula speeds up the bonding time, sensitive clients spend less time being exposed to the strong fumes eyelash extension adhesives produce. Say goodbye to tearing and eye irritation!


How Does Stacy Lash Booster Work?


Now, let’s talk specifics. With the Stacy Lash Booster the curing process becomes effortless. Instead of clumping the lashes together, the booster prevents the fans from closing up. And here’s how. 

When the booster is applied to natural lashes and eyelash extension strips, it helps the extension glue immediately dry and fully cure. No more waiting around for the bonding to take place, as the quick and easy boosters are here to save you time and energy!


How To Use a Stacy Lash Booster?


Here is how we can use the Stacy Lash Booster effectively. Start by pumping out the booster into the can and dipping in a micro swab. Next, apply the product all along the base of eyelash extensions, wait 30 seconds for the booster to do its magic, and continue with making the most perfect lash fans!


Benefits of Using Stacy Lash Booster


Last but not least, let’s explore all the incredible benefits of using Stacy Lash Booster. Along with accelerating the glue curing process, the Stacy Lash Booster is beneficial for clients who may experience some discomfort during the application process. Finally, Stacy Lash Booster can work with any adhesive and is completely vegan, latex and cruelty-free!




If you want to design and craft long-lasting eyelash sets that cure with a blink of an eye, then invest in our new Stacy Lash Booster and witness the exciting results!

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