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Benefits of Using Stacy Lash Extra Bonder

Stacy Lash Extra Bonder

Any lash artist will tell you - shock polymerization of the adhesive on a new lash sets and fills is no fun, but there is a way to eliminate such an unpleasant situation. Following some rules and using high-quality lash extension products will prevent shock polymerization and help you create the lash sets you’ve always dreamed of! Introducing - the Stacy Lash Extra Bonder, the key product to achieve flexible bond and long-lasting eyelash extensions!


What Is Bonder And Why Do We Need It?


Let’s start by learning what an eyelash Bonder is and why we need it. Eyelash extension Bonders are serum-like products that are used as glue sealers. Application of this product helps to reduce lash shedding by speeding up the polymerization process while providing better retention - extra strong hold between natural lashes and extensions.


How Does The Stacy Lash Extra Bonder Work?


As we mentioned, the Stacy Lash Extra Bonder works as an adhesive sealer that ensures super fast polymerization of lash glue. Our Bonder evaporates the moisture from the eyelash glue, making the drying process lightning-quick and effortless. 

The Bonder also locks the fumes and by reducing glue fumes, helps decrease chances of eye irritation and allergic reactions and creates a firm sealed bond between extensions and natural lashes. 


How To Use Stacy Lash Extra Bonder? 


Stacy Lash Extra Bonder is very easy to use and comfortable for both lash artist and client. The process only takes 2 minutes! 

The best time to apply Stacy Lash Bonder is right after completing the full extension set. With the help of a micro swab, apply the necessary amount of the product to the glue contact area avoiding the bonder leaking into the client’s eyes. Wait for two minutes for the bonder to reach its full effect. Carefully remove the eye pads and allow your client to open the eyes. See, we told you it was super easy!


Benefits of Using Stacy Lash Extra Bonder


Along with no shock polymerization and guaranteed strong retention, the Stacy Lash Extra Bonder has a mild formula and is gentle with natural lashes. The handy packaging - the cosmetic syringe also allows lash artists to pump out exactly the desired amount of product. 

The hygienic syringe packaging prevents cross-contamination and has more than 200 drops in one container! With its high-quality, premium formula and handy packaging Stacy Lash Extra Bonder is a true game-changer for lash artists all over the world! What are YOU waiting for? Order your Bonder today and experience the best results you have ever had!

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