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Clumped lashes

Everyone knows that one of the most dangerous mistakes in lash extension is clumping. But not everyone knows that they themselves omit clumping. Even the tiniest clumping can lead to painful sensations, itching, and inflammation of the follicle. Because of just ONE clumping, the client can “tear out” half an eye and forever refuse to have eyelash extensions if they happen to have clumping in the wrong place. According to statistics collected by us over several years when checking the work of more than 3000 masters (with different levels of work and experience), 95% of them omit clumping. Probably, about half of them think that they avoid clumping. This article will help you find clumping that you would have probably never noticed otherwise, so be sure to like and read it: 

   1. Your work won’t have clumping, if you check it. Even if you are sure that you didn’t glue some lashes together, even if you don’t have much time – it’s better not to attach as many eyelashes than finish the work without checking it. 
   2. Checking takes more than 3 minutes. To check each eyelash, look at its base and find all the offshoots; you need at least 10 minutes, 5 minutes for each eye. If you have very few eyelashes, then 7-8, but no less. If the check takes less, then something will be missed. 
   3. Large clumpings are visible to pretty much everyone. The problem is with 1-3 mm offshoots that are glued to the base. To find them, look not at the central part of the eyelash, but directly between them, pushing the lashes not only parallel to the eyelid, but also slightly up. Important: If the tolerance is too small, then such clumping is almost impossible to find.
   4. Additional check. Take a look at the picture. Insert tweezers between the rows and separate the bottom row, maximum 2-5 eyelashes. Then separate the middle and then the top. Insert the tweezers close to the base, at 1-2 mm from the eyelid. Such a check will allow you to find small inter-row clumping. It must be done after a basic check in the corners of the eyes. According to statistics, it is where there are 80% of missed clumping.”


Photo by @lashed.byrach

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