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Everything you wanted to know about Lash Curls

Eyelash Extansion

Lash artist truly embodies this word by creating art for their customers, working on that lash set, customizing it putting your heart and soul into the process. So many details should be taken into account - eye shape, client’s desires, complexion, etc. It can be tricky sometimes, and here is where you have to think outside the box and constantly push your imagination to the limits, to amaze your customers and be proud of yourself. Thus, your clientele will extend without a doubt, as a diversity of your services and ideas won’t go unnoticed. 

Being familiar with types of lash curls shows you to a whole new room for creativity and opportunities. Let’s go and learn something new together. 


Enough's enough, find your Curl


Evaluate the client’s eye shape at first. Whether the eyes are round, or almond, wide or close, there are some lash extensions styles that won’t match and on the contrary, will look flawlessly exactly on your client. The style also matters, as for volume, individual or hybrid require a different approach. 

We recommend making notes for the future in order not to forget the desired look your client regularly prefers. Thus, you can avoid such unpleasant situations as trying to remember things with a customer already waiting to proceed. For your convenience, Stacy Lash came out with already-mapped lash stylesa and suitable lash curls that come along with our eye pads.


Isolation? Yes, Sir!


Have a hard time fighting with “stickies”? Let’s find out why it’s happening in the first place. When an excessive amount of glue was used, 3 or more natural lashes were interlocked with one single extension, forming stickies, and it’s no good for a perfect lash set. What should be done here? Try to use less adhesive, so it could dry properly and within comfortable time limits. Also, make sure to check that an extension that you just placed on natural lashes has a stable and firm bond before proceeding further. 


Feel the Difference


Lash curls chart shared:
J Curl - is more similar to natural lashes, and has the most straight curl among others. Good to use when your client desired the most natural look.

B Curl - this is an important one and is often used for the bottom rows of natural lashes or inner corners of an eye. It’s a common case when B is mixed with C curl.

C Curl - Many of us want to make our eyes bigger or wider but not everyone is seeking too much drama. It’s the most popular, universal choice of professional lash technicians. 

D Curl - Here’s where the drama enters a room. This curl makes eyes bigger, however, this curl requires additional attention when it comes to mapping, so be careful, as you risk jeopardizing your retention. 

U Curl - the curliest lash extensions among all! This curl opens your client's eyes wide and adds as much drama as possible. 




To sum up, all curls are important. And it’s even more important to be educated in different lash curls variety to be a genius artist for every customer that enters your salon. Choose your curls, mix and match them!

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