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Ellipse Lash Benefits

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We all love the classic eyelash extensions. We are obsessed with bold Russian and Volume lashes. Now, it’s time to explore the gorgeous Ellipse Lashes. From their unique shape and form to their thicker appearance, here are the benefits of Ellipse Lashes extensions, and why these eyelashes should be every lash artist’s new go-to product. 


What Make Ellipse Lashes Unique 


First, let’s define what are these novel lashes, and the main difference between classic and Ellipse lashes, also known as flat lashes. The name Ellipse simply means, these delicate extensions have an oval base that is flat in shape. Along with their distinct bases, Ellipse lash extensions also design more dramatic and striking finishes. Normal classic lashes, on the other hand, have round and circle bases. 


Ellipse Lash Benefits


Now, let’s talk about the benefits of the Ellipse flat lashes extensions. The flat Ellipse lashes are lightweight, 0.15 to 0.20 mm in width, which allows them to add depth and darkness to the lash line without compromising the integrity of natural lashes. 

The characteristic flatter bases also play a huge role in lash extension retention. With wider bases, the Ellipse lashes hold on to natural hairs longer. 

Another incredible benefit we must mention, is how Ellipse lashes are very versatile in designs and textures. Mixing and matching Ellipse lashes with normal or volume lashes can create extraordinary textures and mesmerizing finishes. The Stacy Lash Ellipse  eyelash extensions are perfect for crafting one-of-a-kind lash layouts. 


Tips On How To Work With Ellipse Lashes


Finally, let’s talk about the technical part of the Ellipse lash application. Due to their wider bases, it’s best to attach Ellipse flat lashes on top or bottom of natural eyelashes. This technique will help you create that perfect bond, without worrying about premature fall-out. 

When it comes to attaching these flat base extensions, the secret is to use proper amounts of eyelash extension adhesive. Too much glue can lead to clumpy eyelashes and slow drying, while too adhesive may result in premature shedding.
Working with high-quality and high flexibility extensions adhesive, like the Stacy Lash Extra Strong Evolution Glue, is the key to long-lasting eyelash extensions.




To sum up, Ellipse lashes extensions are lightweight and soft lashes with flatter bases. They can be mixed with classic or volume lashes and have better retention. With all of these amazing benefits, it’s hard not to fall in love with the unique Ellipse flat lashes extensions! 

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