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Squirrel effect

Lash Industry implies that people all over the world could feel more beautiful and confident. Lash extensions give their lovers many advantages and no wonder there are so many fans of this procedure nowadays. But it’s not enough to just make it through the appointment and see an amazing lash set in the end. There are lots of different eyelash extension styles, and a good lash technician has to choose the right one among these different lash styles, depending on the eye's peculiarities and eye shapes for lash extensions. Thus, it’s possible to highlight the best features and hide small flaws. Let’s discuss how to choose the right style to make the extensions look just wonderful and natural besides doing the procedure technically correctly. This way, you’ll find a perfect balance and will always be satisfied with the results.

Lash Extension Styles


What are the most natural-looking eyelash extensions? Sure, the answer is classic. Classic natural eyelash extensions are pretty easy to create. We make a transition from the base eyelash length in the inward corner (around 5 mm) on around 1/4 of the eyelid to the fundamental eyelash length. This length should not significantly exceed the length of the natural lashes for the natural eye effect. We use the same length on the remaining three-quarters of the eyelid (with the exception of the eyelashes that are still growing and the final eyelashes in the outer corners, as with any other effect). The natural effect makes an eye look longer with a smaller curl and rounder with a larger curl.

Cat Eye
You are aware that the cat eye eyelash extension is a well-known lash style. On the corner of the eyes, shorter lengths gradually lengthen to long lashes, mimicking the shape of winged eyeliner, which is the cat eye eyelash extension style.

The client's face appears to be slimmer as a result of the elegant lift and elongated effect of cat-eye lash styling. The extreme cat eye style, which is currently popular, goes one step further. Extreme cat-eye mapping creates an exotic and mysterious look that has never been seen before by using extremely short lengths beginning with 5-6mm in the inner corner and lengthening to long, extremely angled lashes like L curls 12-13mm in the outer corner. Because the elongated effect of the eyeliner balances out the shape of the eyes and creates a sensual appearance, this sultry look is ideal for clients with round eyes. Eyes appear wider and more enticing with this exciting new lash style.

Doll Eye
The doll eye eyelash extensions effect is created in the same way that natural eyes do. However, the total length of the extensions is significantly longer. We transition from the inner corner's minimum extension length to the rest of the eyelid's main length on about one-fifth of the eyelid. In this effect, the main length is much longer than the length of the natural lashes. You can make them as long as your natural lashes will let you. They also emphasize the doll eye effect, which is typically performed with large curls. It is seldom utilized for exemplary sets yet is frequently joined with bigger volumes. Benefits of the doll eye eyelash extensions styles: It also makes the eyes appear rounder, making it the effect that is most vivid and obvious.

Kim K
The Kim K eyelash extensions style focuses on making a wispy, spiked look. Customers are increasingly gravitating toward this cut. Applying longer lashes at equally spaced points along the map gives this look a fuller, fluffier appearance. This style can give the impression of larger eyes, making it ideal for customers who have small eyes and high brows. How to do wispy eyelash extensions? The secret to mastering a wispy eyelash extensions lash map is the perfect Kim K look. To achieve an even volume, you will need to choose the lengths of the spiked lashes and where to place them.

What are hybrid eyelash extensions? The halfway point between a traditional and a volume (Russian volume) set of eyelash extensions is known as hybrid eyelash extensions (hybrid lashes). Handmade fanned, volume-style lashes and a 50/50 mix of 1:1 lashes are shocking, texturized, and give a day-to-day existence-like, non-uniform lash look. They are versatile and offer a look that is thicker and denser than traditional lashes, but they lack the uniformity and softness of a typical Russian volume set. They are also known as a "mixed set." They are ideal for those who want to experiment with volume lashes before making a full commitment or for those who want to give their classic set a little more drama.

Mega Volume
What are mega volume eyelash extensions? The lash artist creates a larger "fan" of individual extensions per natural lash when using mega volume lashes as opposed to the Russian volume technique, which results in the finished effect appearing more fluttery, which is called mega volume eyelash extensions. Six to sixteen false lashes with diameters ranging from 0.03 to 0.05 mm are used in each mega volume fan.

Bottom lashes extensions

Eyelash extensions for bottom lashes became really trendy. You won't believe how much the addition of 15-20 lower lashes per eye changes how the eye looks. Without appearing fake, bottom lashes can make the eyes appear larger and more dramatic. Does lash placement differ for top and bottom lash extensions? With the adhesive parts facing each other, layer two strips of tape. Leave a small amount of the sticky side on the ends. The eye pad needs to be placed next. Because you are applying bottom lash extensions, the placement of the eye pad will change slightly.


1. Determine the proportions, size, and shape of your client's eyes.
2. Examine your client's natural lash thickness and direction.
3. Take into account the preferences and style of your customer.
4. Assess the event for which the lashes are being applied (for example regular wear, exceptional occasion, photoshoot).
5. Based on the client's features and desired appearance, choose the right length, curl, and thickness for eyelash extensions.


Lashes truly make everything better. Now you see that everyone can get themselves eyelash extensions and look just adorable. All you need to do is know which style is your key to magnetic appearance. What a shame that due to the natural lash growth, you have to get them every now and then, right? But with a great lash technician, it won’t be a problem at all!
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