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Eyelash Extensions for Different Eye Shapes

Eyelash Extensions

Nothing about beauty is one-size-fits-all, and eyelash extensions are no exception. No two eyelash extension sets will look the same, because different clients have different natural eye shapes and different needs. What flatters one eye shape and one set of features will not flatter another, so it is up to the lash artist to assess a client’s features and make an educated guess on what would best flatter their eye shape. Let’s take a look at what are the best eyelash extensions for different eye shapes.

What are the characteristics of almond eyes?

There are typically no complaints from almond-eyed ladies – their eye shape is considered ideal, because it’s about twice as wide as it is high, which means they are more visually proportionate than other eye shapes. That’s very good news for the client with this shape, because it means they can wear any type of lash style or curl. They don’t need to worry about flattering or correcting shapes.

What type of lashes will flatter almond eyes?

But even if almond eyes don’t need “correcting” doesn’t mean that the client doesn’t have preferences in terms of the effect they are trying to achieve. You can play with almond eyes in any way you want. For an elongated shape, more lashes and longer lashes need to be applied on the outer corners. For a more open shape and rounded effect or doll eye shape, the longer extensions need to go in the middle. A C curl works beautifully on this type of eyes, but you can play around with different curls or shapes.

What are the characteristics of hooded eyes/monolids?

Hooded eyes, like the name suggests, are eyes that are hidden under the hood and have no crease and little to no visible eyelid space. This shape is also known as monolid, which is specific to Asian eyes, especially. Oftentimes, a client with this shape has rather small eyes, and the lids can appear quite heavy. What a client with this type of eye shape is typically looking for is to open up their eyes a bit and get the effect of a more lifted eye.

What type of lashes will flatter hooded eyes/monolids?

The standard C curl won’t work as well here, because of the heavy lids. An extreme curl is needed, from a D to a L or even L+. The flat base and straight curl achieve the effect you are looking for – brightening up the eye. You want the longest lashes to be on the outer corners and up until the middle of the eye. That does a good job of opening up this eye shape.

What are the characteristics of big eyes / round eyes?

A rule of thumb, for round eyes, is that you should be able to see the whites of the eyes around the iris. They also tend to be large, compared to the rest of the facial features, and prominent. They are naturally very open, so it takes an experienced and talented lash artist to make sure the extensions enhance the eyes of the client and don’t just exaggerate the look of surprise that is often possible with this eye shape.

What type of lashes will flatter big eyes / round eyes?

Because they can come across as quite dramatic on their own, due to the shape and size, the actual extensions should not be as extreme. Shorter lashes are recommended, in order to avoid that surprised look. In addition, a looser curl can also look very flattering on the round eye shape, because it can give the impression of a more almond eye. The longest lashes should be applied towards the outer corner.

What are the characteristics of deep set eyes?

Deep set eyes are placed deeper into the eye socket and have a prominent brow bone. While beautiful, eyes like these can appear a bit dark or cast shadows, which can make them look tired, sad, or small. The goal, with this shape, is to visually pull the eyes forward and highlight them.

What type of lashes will flatter deep set eyes?

This shape does not really benefit from dramatic lashes or a severe curl, but is actually flattered by longer and straighter extensions. A J curl is ideal, but L or L+ also work, depending on the client. A full, heavy, very curly set runs the risk of looking overdone and very unnatural, which might not fit the client’s vision. A wispy, staggered eye shape can also look gorgeous.

What are the characteristics of downturned eyes?

You can recognize downturned eyes by the fact that the outer corners are angled downwards, rather than upwards, or even towards the middle. This eye shape can sometimes give the impression of sad or tired eyes, which is why most people are looking to visually “lift” the eyes a little bit with clever use of makeup, or in this case, lash extensions.

What type of lashes will flatter downturned eyes?

The easiest way to achieve a lifted effect with lashes is to apply a nice, full set that are tapered towards the inner corners. So, it’s going to be a cat eye shape, with longer extensions towards the outer corners, visually creating an illusion of a lifted, bright, open, and larger eye.

As you can see, while all eye shapes are beautiful, they can also have some characteristics that clients sometime want to modify with the use of lash extensions. Every eye shape can be enhanced or flattered with the right pair of lashes, and it’s up to the lash technician to pick a shape that will make every client look and feel beautiful.


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