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How to pick a curl considering lash growth direction

C, CC, D how to choose the curl?

 A lash artist picks a curl individually for each client, but some curls are relatively versatile.
    It is a known fact that everyone’s natural eyelashes are different. They differ in color, thickness, length, etc. A lash technician should also consider one of the key points before the procedure — the curl of the customer’s natural lashes. Furthermore, the natural curl may differ along the eyelid.
    There’s a connection between the curl of eyelash extensions and the contact area, a zone where an extension is attached to the natural lash.
    The more eyelash extensions repeat the curl of natural lashes, the stronger they will stick, and the longer your customer will be wearing the extensions.
    Natural eyelashes of Caucasian eyes are usually close to the B curl. They resemble the C curl very rarely. The C, CC, and L curls will suit this eyelash type.
    The almond-shaped eyes look great with the CC, D, and L+ curls, as they will emphasize the natural beauty of this eye shape.
    Make sure you take the shape of the eyes into account. This approach will make your work aesthetically pleasing.
    Eyelash extensions with a slight curl can elongate and narrow the shape of the eyes for a sultry look. That is why they fit round eyes perfectly.
    The C curl is versatile and will fit all eye shapes.
    Large curls (CC, D) make eyes look rounder. Consequently, they will perfectly fit elongated eyes, as well as eyes with narrow eyelids.

   Let’s sum up:

  • If natural eyelashes grow down, more pronounced curls like D will suit your client better.
  • If the eyelashes grow forward, we recommended using the CC curl.
  • If the eyelashes have a good natural curl and grow upwards, it is worth trying eyelash extension with weak curls like B or C. ⠀

   An eyelash extension artist commonly uses at least two different curls during an extension procedure. For instance, slight curls will be used in the inner eye corners in any case. This is done to make your clients feel comfortable while wearing eyelash extensions in their everyday life.
  Take all the factors into account and offer your clients the best solution!

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