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Lash Lift - What Is It?

Eyes without lashes are like cake without frosting

You’ve surely heard of lash lifts before – with lashes being so en vogue right now, a lash lift is just one of the latest and most popular lash treatments. If you are a lover of a fluttery fringe of lashes, then you may want to consider this procedure, or at least learn more about it.

So, here’s all you need to know about lash lifts: what they are, what the procedure entails, who can get them, how long they last, how much they cost, advantages, disadvantages, and much more.

What is a lash lift?

A lash lift, also known as a keratin lash lift, a lash perm or lash lamination, is a semi-permanent professional cosmetic procedure one can get at the salon. It’s a procedure that is meant to curl your lashes for a prolonged time, using a chemical solution.

The procedure is non-invasive and isn’t dangerous, with the vast majority of clients enjoying beautiful and satisfying results.

What does the procedure entail?

The technician starts by assessing your lashes and the shape of your eyes, in order to determine what kind of curl would suit your eyes and lashes best. Once you’ve settled on an eyelash curl size for your perm, the artist will thoroughly cleanse the lashes, to make sure that there are no impurities left on them, including traces of makeup, dust, or sebum.

After that, the silicone shields (or molds) are glued to the eyelids with a non-toxic adhesive that is very easy to remove. That is so that they are fixed in place to ensure the success of the procedure. The lashes are then curved over the mold; the technician combs and separates them, fanning them out in order to give the lashes an attractive, flattering shape.

The perming solution is applied on the root of the lashes for 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the client’s lashes – thinner, finer, more sparse lashes need less time than thicker, more stubborn lashes. Something to note here is that the perming solution should only ever be applied to the roots of the lashes, towards the middle; applying it to the tips can over-process and damage the lashes.

Once the perming time has expired, the perming solution is wiped off, and a neutralizer (or setting solution) is applied in its place. The perming solution makes the lashes malleable, while the setting solution hardens the lashes back up in order to “set” the style.

The procedure is finished off with an oil or conditioning solution in order to hydrate the lashes and limit any dryness or brittleness as a result of the perming. Depending on the salon and the client’s preferences, the lashes can also be tinted darker in order to make the effect even more striking.

How long does it take?

The procedure can vary in length, but you can typically expect it to last from 45 minutes to about an hour. It all depends on the level of experience of the technician and how stubborn your lashes are, as that can affect the processing time.

How long does it last?

An eyelash lift will typically last as long as a client’s natural growth cycle. That’s around 6 to 8 weeks, but some people will find that theirs might last as long as 10 weeks. The change back to the natural state of your lashes will not be abrupt, but will instead be gradual, as the lashes fall out to make room for the new lashes. At this point, one may go back to the salon to get their lashes lifted again, in order to maintain the look.

How much does it cost?

Lash lift prices will vary and they depend on a few factors: location, salon/technician, and whether or not the procedure includes lash tinting. Prices start at about $65, but you can expect to pay $100 to $125.

Who can get a lash lift?

A lash lift is for everyone, especially women who don’t like to spend a lot of time on their makeup and for whom the process of curling their lashes and applying mascara is an annoyance and a waste of time.

Women with very straight, stubborn, and difficult to curl lashes are also big fans of the procedure; it gives them the look they love without needing to crimp their lashes with metal lash curlers every day and apply layers and layers of waterproof mascara.

Does it require any special care or maintenance?

Lash lifts are sometimes preferred to lash extensions because comparatively, they are much more low-maintenance. There is no special care that you need to worry about with a lash lift; you can use mascara and other makeup, remove it with oils, etc.

However, because a perming solution is used for this procedure, the same rules apply as with a regular hair perm: you need to avoid wetting the lashes for at least 24 hours, and that includes any kind of moisture. The perm needs time to “set”, and the longer you keep it dry, the better and more long-lasting the results will be. After the 24 hours have passed, you can submerge your lashes in water, go to the sauna, take showers, etc. with no issues.

Will it damage the lashes?

If you were feeling apprehensive about the possibility that a lash lift treatment might damage your lashes, you can rest easy – your lashes will not suffer any damage. Especially since this is a new, innovative procedure different from the lash perms of yesteryear, your lashes will not end up over-processed.

If the technician who is in charge of your procedure is not skilled enough or experienced enough, they may apply the solution wrong or for too long, leading to over-curling, over-processing, or even breakage.

Are there any dangers?

A lot of women are unsure about getting a lash lift, because they don’t know whether or not it may be dangerous. It’s understandable – procedures that take place near the eyes are very sensitive, so it’s normal to be cautious. However, lash lifts are totally safe for the eyes and for the lashes.

However, in the interest of complete disclosure and being informed, you do need to keep in mind that it is possible to have some reactions. As with any chemical solution, some clients may find that they are allergic, although that is a very rare occurrence.

If you have dry or sensitive eyes, that may also contribute to some discomfort you may feel. If you think this may aggravate their condition, it is best to avoid lash lift procedures, lash extension procedures, and any cosmetic procedures near the eyes, in general.

Can you do it at home?

A lot of women prefer to do this type of treatment at home, to save money, but is it possible with something like a lash lift? You can, indeed, do it at home – all you need is a lash lift kit and a lot of patience. You can find lash perm kits online, and they include all the lash lift products you need, although you may need to purchase the tools separately.

However, it is not recommended that you perform this procedure at home. Lash lifts are to be performed only by trained professionals at a specialized salon.

What are the advantages of lash lifts?

Interested in getting a lash lift? Let’s see what the advantages are when you get this procedure done.

  • You always look a bit more polished. One main reason why women get lash lifts is to look a little bit better and more polished when they aren’t wearing makeup. Whether you’re just waking up in the morning, you’re going to the pool and you don’t want to wear makeup, you’re sensitive to mascara, or you just want to rock the no-makeup look, a lash lift enables you to look a little bit more awake, more put together, and more “made up” than you usually would be. It can really boost your mood and your self-confidence!
  • You save time in the morning. And speaking of boosting, you’ll also be adding to the time you can spend in bed in the morning, or just doing something else. A lash lift saves you tons of time when you’re getting ready, because you can basically just run out the door without doing anything to your eyes. Alternatively, you can just swipe a coat of mascara on and you look like a million bucks. You’ll also be saving time in the evening, because you no longer need to scrub at the stubborn, difficult-to-remove waterproof mascara that is stuck to your lashes.
  • There is no maintenance involved.They say beauty is pain, or at least, it takes maintenance, but not with lash lifts. As opposed to lash extensions, which need to be taken care of and maintained, lash lifts are completely fuss-free and don’t require special care. Except for the initial setting time that you need to allow for, you can basically do anything you want to your lashes without ruining the effect. You may need to be careful about not squishing them in your sleep on a regular basis but otherwise, you’re good to go.

What are the disadvantages of lash lifts?

Just like the procedure has advantages, it also has some possible disadvantages – let’s see what they are.

  • You need to get them roughly every two months. One of the main downsides is that unfortunately, this isn’t a one-and-done process. While the procedure is semi-permanent, it does eventually wear off, and you need to go back to the salon to get a new lash lift. For some people, that won’t be a problem, but for others, it may be a lot of time dedicated to this procedure. Especially if you live in a remote area, it can be difficult to make time to get your lashes done so frequently.
  • They’re pricier than a lash curler and mascara. The price is also a concern for a lot of women who want to get their lashes lifted. While it’s not as pricy as lash extensions, a lash lift and tint will still set you back around $100 for a two-month effect, which is significantly more than most women spend on their lashes for such a short time period. Of course, you may consider the convenience and the time saved to be worth the price, but it’s still a financial stretch for a lot of women who aren’t used to getting this done.

You don’t get the same dramatic effect as you do with falsies or extensions Something else to take into consideration is the fact that the effect will be subtle. Since you’re still working with your own, natural lashes, you won’t have a false lash effect like that offered by lash extensions. A lash lift is merely enhancing your natural lashes by curling them and tinting them, so it’s a very good daytime look. However, it’s not the dramatic, intense glamour that a pair of false lashes can give you.

As you can see, a lash lift and perm is a cosmetic procedure a lot of women are interested in getting, because we all love beautiful, luscious lashes. But before you can get one, you need to learn everything about it, and hopefully, you’ve been able to find everything you were looking for in this article – what it is, how it’s done, how much it costs, who can get it, how long it last, and so much more.

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