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How can you improve the direction of your lash work?

Improve the direction of your eyelash

Here are some tips which you can use right away to see the difference!                                                

      1. First of all, always make sure you place the extension on the natural lash in the same distance from the eyelid. It should be no more than 0.5 – 0.6 mm.

If you have troubles with determining the proper space and still go further, placing eyelashes highly paying attention to the direction is like flogging a dead horse -  the lashes won’t look great, even though you set the direction perfectly, it won’t look like that because of the wrong-sized distance  between eyelash extension and the eyelid.

      2. It is extremely important to take into account how you angle/point the lash extensions out to the sides when starting a new set.

The direction shouldn’t be the same as the natural lash has, not the angle of 90° to the eyelid, and most importantly never towards the nose! You can see the example in the picture.

Angling the whole set of lashes to the outer corners is just one of the possible techniques, there are plenty of other options as well, but this one is the easiest to learn, and it usually looks better than others as it hides flaws due to the smooth transition and allows to fill the gaps perfectly.

     3. The angle of placement: small in the inner part of the eye (an angle of 3-4 degrees), average in the central part (an angle of 5-7 degrees), and the maximum in the outer part of the eye (almost parallel to the eyelid).

In order to check the correct direction, eyelash extensions should be compared not only with the natural lashes (especially if they’re not too straight) but with each other as well. Make sure that eyelash extensions are attached parallel to each other, they should not be crossed or applied in different directions.

     4. When you attach the extension (minding the correct placement), do not touch it for at least 30 seconds. Instead of moving on to the next lash, switch over to another area or the other eye in order not to spoil the direction of the freshly glued extension.

Which topic would you like us to cover next time? Share in the comments down below!

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