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Natural Lash Growth Cycle

Natural Lash Growth Cycle

Here is what not only lash artists should know, but customers too!

   How often do customers ask you, “Won’t my natural lashes be damaged?” Well, not to sound unfounded, you have to tell EACH customer about the complete Natural Lash Growth Cycle.
It takes about 10 weeks to go through the full cycle: from the moment the eyelash appears on your eyelid and until it falls out. This period of time is individual and may vary as it often depends on the age and other personal characteristics.

   Let’s talk about the LASH GROWTH CYCLE PHASES:
   The first one is the “Growth” phase called ANAGEN.
   It’s the first stage which the eyelash life cycle begins with. On the average, it lasts up to 2 weeks. An eyelash is in the active growth and during this period can grow approximately for 0.5 mm per day. Consequently, if you attach too big lash extensions to those little ones in the Anagen phase, these lashes will stick out and ruin the overall look in a week or two.

   The second one is the “Transition” phase called CATAGEN
   It’s the longest stage that lasts for about 7 weeks. The eyelash is grown to its genetically possible maximum and gets all the nutrients from the bulb. These eyelashes no longer grow and if you place an extension to an eyelash in the Catagen phase, it remains in place even after 3 weeks or moves to the next phase.

   The third one is the “Resting” phase called TELOGEN
   It’s the shortest stage and it lasts for only 1 week. All the nutrients cease to “serve” an already aged eyelash and start working on supporting the development of a new one. At this phase, the eyelash dies and just sticks in the follicle until the tip of the new lash completely pushes it out, and literally 3 days later, you can see the new Anagen phase lash replacing the “old” one.

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