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What Are the Side Effects of Lashing?

Eyelash Extansions

 We’re all mad for lashes, and with good reason – they highlight your eyes and can change your look in a second. Whether you want to look flirty, sexy, doe-eyed, fresh-faced, etc., lashes can take your look from “nice” to WOW! It’s no wonder lash extensions have become so popular and beloved. But should you be worrying about the side-effects of lashing? Is your favorite beauty habit harming you, your eyes, or your natural lashes in any way? Let’s take a look at the possible side effects of lashing.

Skin & eye irritation

The first thing you need to know is that some irritation during application is relatively normal, and even to be expected, if you’ve got sensitive eyes. If you know your eyes are prone to watering or sensitivities, be sure to bring that up with the technician, so that they can act accordingly.

You see, the stronger the lash adhesive is, the stronger the fumes are. And since the technician is working with it so close to your eyes, those fumes are likely to make your eyes water, sting, or even leave them red and irritated.

The good news is that this just a temporary discomfort and won’t affect you long-term. The even better news is that there is lash adhesive that is especially formulated for sensitive eyes, so it’s going to be milder and the fumes are not as strong, if you wish to opt for this version. The Stacy Lash Sensitive Eyelash Extension Glue is perfect for these cases.

Allergic reactions

And speaking of adhesive, it is entirely possible for a client to have an allergic reaction to it. Eye redness, itchiness, skin inflammation and skin redness can appear either immediately upon application or within 24 to 48 hours after application.

However, this side-effect cannot be predicted by the technician (who can only ask you if you have any known allergies to certain ingredients), and is entirely up to you to prevent, if you know there is a possibility that you might be allergic.

Other times, the allergic reaction cannot be predicted at all, but it’s good to know that most of the time, the effects are not severe and they subside within a few hours. If you do happen to experience an allergic reaction upon your lash extension application, phone the salon or your physician to get information about how to address it.

Natural eyelashes becoming brittle

Unfortunately, if you don’t care for your extensions well enough, they can leave your natural lashes looking worse for wear, especially after several applications. Upon application, your technician should give you instructions about how to take care of your eyelashes, including how to cleanse (gently, without rubbing and without oils), how to wear makeup (no waterproof products, especially mascara), and how often they need to be brushed.

If you disregard these instructions, you may find that in time, not only will your extensions not last as well as they should, but your natural eyelashes may become thin, sparse, and brittle, particularly after getting extensions for a few months.

Remember that both your extensions and your natural eyelashes need to be cared for during this period, so you need to maintain a schedule of cleansing and nourishing, and take extra special care when it comes to general maintenance.

Natural eyelashes falling out

Unfortunately, if the eyelash technician is not experienced enough or careful enough, the way they apply the extensions may very well end up damaging your natural lashes. You see, the correct application is to glue one extension to one individual natural eyelash. Alternatively, a fan of multiple lashes (2 to 6) is applied to every lash for a fuller, more dramatic look. This application method has no harmful effects on the natural lashes.

If, however, the technician glues the extensions to multiple natural lashes at a time, or if they apply extensions that are too thick or too heavy, that can cause your natural lashes to fall out.

How do you pick an eyelash technician?

Like we mentioned, most – if not all – of these potential issues can be completely avoided if your eyelash technician is skilled, trained, talented, and professional. The side-effects are not in any way inherent to the process of applying eyelash extensions, but usually appear due to improper care or the inexperience or lack of skill on the part of the technician. But how do you choose a good lash artist who will know how to avoid these problems?

  1. Make sure that whoever you choose possesses an eyelash extension license; this is what enables them to practice their job. If they do not have this license, they may not be a legitimate lash technician.
  2. If you were wondering how to become a certified lash technician, you should know that any eyelash technician who works on clients needs to have gone through the lash professionals’ certification program. This is where they learn the trade and obtain the necessary qualification and certification.
  3. There are all sorts of false qualifications popping up as replacements for a certified lash technician, so double-check that their qualification program and certificate are genuine and that they have been officially licensed to apply eyelash extensions on clients as a professional lash artist/technician.

In conclusion, while some unpleasant or inconvenient effects may appear as a result of applying lash extensions, they are isolated incidents that are mostly either due to aspects that cannot be foreseen (like allergies), incorrect application, or an incorrect care routine. There is nothing about eyelash extensions that is inherently harmful. As long as you pick out a skilled technician and you take care of your extensions, you should enjoy happy lashing!

Photo by @lashqueenjenny

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