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What is a recovery eyelash extension service?

Eyelash extension

A recovery eyelash extension service is provided for customers with weak or damaged eyelashes. ⠀

In this case, you should use the lightest and thinnest short extensions while choosing classic, hybrid and 2D volume effects. ⠀
The main task of this procedure is not to further damage the customer’s natural eyelashes and allow them to recover.
The main features of the recovery lash service:

      • brings back natural thickness, length, and visual volume to eyelashes;
      • hides gaps in the eyelash line;
      • is the safest: it won’t overload weak eyelashes and won’t interfere with their recovering. ⠀
Most often, recovery lashing is necessary for those customers whose eyelashes were damaged by incompetent lash technicians, through careless removal, or due to some previous disease.
Commonly, they have lots of eyelashes in the anagen stage, which need a delicate approach.⠀
  - To avoid overloading the lashes in the growth phase, a lash artist should apply shorter and lighter extensions to them than to other natural lashes. This technique allows them to grow further safely without breaking, and the extensions remain beautiful for a while longer.
  - Nevertheless, you can apply 2D fans to stronger eyelashes to compensate for the lack of volume.
As practice shows, having worn such extensions for 3-4 weeks, damaged or weak natural eyelashes restore their health enough to resume applying more volume, or use longer and thicker extensions for a more enhancing look.

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