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7 Golden Rules of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions the eyelash extensions procedure

Just imagine this: you are a lash tech and went all out to create a beautiful lash set for your customer. It seems that the eyelash extensions procedure was flawlessly conducted and you considered all the factors that were required. But nevertheless, the client claims that they experienced some kind of discomfort, or the retention is not so good. We all have been there as newbies, and even experienced lash artists sometimes experience such situations, when something important just slips your mind. We are here again to save the day. In order to achieve the best lash results and make your client the happiest, just follow these 7 Golden Rules of the lash extension process. Now let’s discuss them


1. Divide and Rule

Lash stickies are something that sounds like a true lash tech’s nightmare. They absolutely should not appear during the procedure and you should avoid them at all costs. How? There was said so much about proper isolation and how crucial it is for lash extensions. But you can never say too much.

Natural lashes have a lifecycle, and as a lash artist, the main goal is to prevent lash stickies in the anagen stage. Otherwise, there is the risk of follicle damage and major lash loss.


2. Don’t attach the extension too close

So, how are lash extensions applied? The ability to determine the perfect distance for lash placement defines a good lash tech. There is a tricky situation to find a perfect balance. If the extension is too close to the base, the client will experience discomfort. On the other side, when the extension is placed too far from the lash base, the natural lash growth will jeopardize the look and will make the extension too heavy, as it won’t hold properly.

So, the key is to achieve a 1 mm distance precisely during the application. This way, you won’t have to worry about the client’s discomfort or premature shedding.


3. Set the Direction

Yes, that can be tricky sometimes, to master the lash extension technique. To tell the truth, it’s one of the most common mistakes. First of all, it’s recommended to follow a 90-degree rule. Just make sure that you place each extension at a 90-degree angle from the eyelid. You can try to mimic a sunrise which perfectly shows how the extensions should be placed on natural lashes.


4. Contact Zone

To ensure a long and strong hold, you need to pay attention to the contact zone of lash extension and natural lash. Proper bonding will increase retention, allowing your client to enjoy their gorgeous set for an extended period of time. The extension shouldn’t cover less than 40% of the lash length.


5. Adhesion density

The lash base should not sink, be too elevated, or stick out. Such things lead to premature shedding, and therefore, major client dissatisfaction. So ensure that the extension appears not to be at the base or in the lash center and holds well at the lash base properly distanced.


6. Adhesive Amount

Using too much glue for lashes can make individual lash extensions too heavy, and we don’t want to overwhelm the natural lash nor do we want to cause damage. This stage requires a delicate approach, as too little amount of adhesive won’t give the necessary bonding strength, which leads to retention issues.


7. Smooth Length Transition

In length transition zones shorter mink individual lashes are attached above the longer ones for up to 2 mm. It’s extremely important not to make transitions in the eye critical points. The upper lash layer goes with a shorter length and the lower layer with a longer one. You should count the layers from the bottom to the top.



Many lash techs keep wondering what is the secret of long retention and successful eyelash extension placement. Being a successful lash artist means having a good knowledgebase, and multiplying your skills. Mix and blend it with work experience and you’ll receive the perfect recipe for outstanding lash tech. There is never one without another, so learn new things, follow simple rules for eyelash extensions, practice them, and implement new knowledge! Set trends, and never doubt yourself, as everything will turn out to be alright with your determination and your loyal lash supplier having your back. 



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