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What Makes a Great Lash Training?

Great lash training

If you are looking at lash extension training here are a few things to look for:

Where did the Trainer get their credentials? Are they get Certified by a reputable company?

Most Trainers have been working behind the chair for several years or longer. Just because someone has been working at the craft, doesn’t mean they are practicing correct protocols. So, this question is Important.

Who Certified them? What program did they take to earn the title of Lash Trainer?

Before committing, ask these questions:

Does the Training Program have clearly defined topics that will be covered? Safety and sanitation, application techniques, product knowledge, client consultation, re-fill procedures, client aftercare, and how to market your new skill.

These are the most important topics to be covered. The client consultation is extremely important and should be covered in depth. This should include client consultation forms, photo release forms, how to clean and sanitize your tools and work areas, and the most important thing, who is not a candidate for lash extensions. We should also know what to do if our client develops a reaction to any of the products we are using.

I have seen many topics covered in lash groups on social media, and frankly, it is disheartening that certified students have so many questions. They are asking about reactions, releases forms, eye issues, and claim they didn’t receive proper paperwork or training.  Any reputable lash training should cover all of these topics in detail.

If you are considering a lash training course, use your judgment, have conversations, get something in writing that clearly spells out what is covered in the class. There are many great trainings out there, check out our website for a listing of qualified trainers in your area.




Master trainer and education coordinator,

Lash Training Academy 

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