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Premade fans: What is it and Why is it a lash artist’s bestie?

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Premade fans were designed specifically for the Volume or Russian style eyelash extensions’ means. It’s no secret that the volume technique requires a much higher level of mastery compared to that of classic individual eyelash extensions. No wonder! It takes handling millions of tiny details to apply multiple lash extensions to your client’s natural lashes in a proper and accurate manner. For what it’s worth, moving your hands the way it seems you’re driven by the spirit of Shiva while attaching the extensions!

However, when it comes to creating fans for your lash appointment, things become even more complicated. For the common good of the whole process, each fan must be all neat and symmetrical, and it’s quite a skill one has to possess to tackle this challenge zero-loss. In terms of time, acquiring such proficiency takes months and years of training. Practice makes perfect, that’s a sure thing, but there is also a way to speed things up.


What Stacy Lash premade fans look like?

Premade fans make for several individual eyelash extensions gathered together into one neat ready-to-use fan.The amount of lashes in one fan varies depending on how lavish the set you’re going to make is. We, at Stacy Lash, produce 3D, 4D, and 5D premade fans as these happy medium volumes are must-haves for every lash guru doing it in Russian style.


How are premade fans actually made?

Premade fans are produced the same way as classic individual eyelash extensions, thus using the same material and technique of manufacturing. In our case, we make our premade fans from PBT material of highest quality in a sterile environment.


What does a kit of premade fans from Stacy Lash look like? 

Our premade fans come in a tray where they are stored in rows attached to a sticky tape. Each row presents a different length ranging from 8 to 14 mm. One tray contains around 200 ready-to-use fans. Take it, dip it into the glue and place it on your client’s lash - easy!


Starships were made to fly

Every job has its routine parts and making fans for a Volume or Russian style appointment plays this part in the lash industry. The whole process may feel as rather mind numbing even for the most experienced eyelash tech.

For sure there are cases when home-made or self-made fans are the only way to go, but they are more of an exception than a rule. So oftentimes going for premade fans allows you to omit the routine part of your preparations and enter straight upon the most interesting part of the appointment - filling the eyelash extensions thus delivering a Bambi-esque look to your beautiful clients. Skip the routine, starships were meant to fly!

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