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Benefits of using Gel remover

Stacy lash Lash Remover

It’s hard to express the importance of finding and having a convenient remover close to you, throughout the day. As a lash artist, you often face clients with lashes that need to be removed or with sets that were poorly performed and require your help. Before proceeding with the lash extensions procedure, it’s a common case that you need to work with remover first.

First things first, lash lovers should never perform the removal procedure at home, by themselves, as it can be dangerous. There are plenty of YouTube guides with DIY videos that it’s perfectly fine, to do it by yourself and sometimes a client wants to save money by doing the removal procedure at home. But this way, there is a risk to cause damage to natural lashes, or it may lead to remover getting in the client’s eye, which is not safe either. So it’s a good idea to point out the importance of returning for professional assistance. 

There are three types of removers: gel eyelash extension remover, water remover, and cream remover. The water is not used almost at all. The cream one is very suitable for beginners. It’s safe and convenient, however, it takes slightly longer for the formula to come into action and dissolve the adhesive, especially the strong one. Gel lash extension remover is recommended for intermediate and advanced lash artists, who gained some skill and are ready to work with a more liquid consistency. 


Features & Benefits


As we have mentioned previously, gel remover is more liquid than cream, but that doesn’t mean that it’s unsafe or hard to work with. It just means that it takes a little more experience to perform the removal procedure. Its consistency still makes it easy to control the remover and prevent it from leaking into the client’s eyes. Moreover, it’s pretty fast, significantly faster than the cream lash extensions remover. Thus, it will make your work more time-effective, as takes only 1 minute to dissolve even strong glues and remove even the most steadfast eyelash extensions. 

Among the other benefits of using eyelash remover gel is the fact that it has a pleasant, transparent, or aquamarine color and is odorless, which makes this product universal, and suitable for every lash technician. As nothing will be distracting you from your work or will give off an unpleasant smell. In addition, it takes little amount of product to perform the procedure, and the remover will last longer.




So, as you and your client are already aware that it is never a good idea to remove lashes at home, let's discuss why exactly it’s so strictly forbidden. First of all, it’s needed to hold tools at the right angle and keep the client’s eyes closed not only when you’re working with semi-permanent lash extensions glue, but also with gel remover eyelash. So you’ll need a professional remover for lash extensions, micro brushes, under-eye gel pads to patch down the client’s bottom lashes, and of course, a timer in order to perform everything within the right time. If you’ll leave it for a little time, it might not dissolve the adhesive as it initially should. And if you leave the remover for too long, there will be a chance of irritation, which you wouldn't want with your customer. 

We recommend shaking the bottle well before using it. In order to avoid shock curing, cleanse the remover from the client’s lashes well, before proceeding further. 

After use, make sure to tightly close the cap, as the product may get spoiled after contact with the air. 




To sum up, you know that gel eyelash extensions remover is your loyal companion through not always easy removal process. Remember to store it in a cool, dark, and dry place in its package and you’ll see that long and convenient use is guaranteed.

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