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How to master lash adhesives

Lash Extension Process

Tired of switching glues and searching for that one and only that will be with you through the thick and thin? Is there such an adhesive anyway? To tell the truth, there are really no existing glues that fulfilled all the desires of their owners at once.

Today we will talk about how to make the right choice, and save time and money during this challenging process. Whether you are a beginner lash artist who just started their acquaintance with the industry, or a high-skilled pro, who’s in desperate need of switching lash adhesives and trying something new and better, the time of searching may extend, and we're here to lend a helping hand!


Consider lash sensitivities


You may not like it, but it’s impossible to do everything that lash artistry requires using just one bottle of adhesive. Not only is it strongly advised to have a spare bottle of your eyelash extension glue in case the first one is spoiled etc. It’s also essential to store a bottle of a Sensitive adhesive just in case of a eyelash sensitivity. As client’s health and well-being are a top priority, and nobody wants to see allergic reaction to eyelash glue or sore eyes after eyelash extensions.

Stacy Lash Sensitive glue is specifically designed for clients who need extra care while working with Cyanoacrylate, as it’s latex-free and vegan. Its drying speed is 5-6 seconds, which is pretty convenient for beginners. But what if your work speed is significantly faster than that? Namely, you prefer 1-2 seconds or even less. In this case, you may consider purchasing Super Booster, to adjust the drying time of the glue to your tempo. 

sensitive glue

Mind your Humidity 


We all know that temperature and humidity in your working environment are key points to the successful performance of your glue. If the humidity is higher than the adhesive requires, it will dry faster than you need. Excessive humidity accelerates the curing process, resulting in poor retention. Moreover, lash extensions may not even hold on to the client’s natural lashes. 

If the humidity is below the recommended level, and it’s too dry in your lashing room, the drying time decreases, and your glue stops curing. Lash extensions will be sticky, and it is also not a satisfying result either for you or your client. 

The solution is pretty simple. We offer high humidity lash extension glue that works perfectly in a wide humidity range (30-70%). Stacy Lash Lightning Speed or Extra Strong Evolution Advanced are both speedy and convenient for those lash techs struggling with temperature and humidity adjustments.


Asses your work speed


No matter how good the adhesive is, there won’t be a synergy between you and your lashing tool, if your work speed doesn’t match its drying time. No need to worry if you are a beginner, take your time, opt out for glues with longer drying time, and feel comfortable. The client’s happiness and overall results depend on your state of mind and your comfort during the procedure. It’s advised to choose glues that dry a bit slower than you lash in order to ensure that lashes will stick well together. If your hands move too fast then it’s a sign that you gained enough experience to try something faster. 

Extra Strong Evolution is the universal solution for such purposes. It has 2 seconds drying time that suits most lash techs fine, and shows table satisfying performance.

evolution glue

Treat your glue right


When it’s all set and done and the glue is already on your shelf, awaits your customers to help you create those killer lash sets, you need to always remember that it works till it's fresh. Does eyelash glue expire? The answer is yes. When it’s spoiled, it won’t perform its job right. In order to become a master above lash adhesives always remember simple rules: 

  • do not store your glue in the freezer
  • do not allow excessive moisture or air to enter the bottle
  • always clean the bottle after use and wipe it with a lint-free tissue to keep the nozzle in proper condition 
  • use a lash glue storage container or store it in a cool, dark, and dry place, without direct sunlight, etc. 


You can know more about this topic in this article.

Well done! Now when you’ll be asking yourself about the perfect glue you'll know it exists. Yes, it’s the one (or more than one) that suits your lashing environment and that you feel comfortable working with. It can be different glues throughout time, that’s for sure. 

There is a huge world of adhesives awaits, and we offer a line of top-quality glues that embrace all lash artists' desires. Different thicknesses, drying time, and even color. Check our catalog on the website for more, and thanks for reading!

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