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Trivial things that matter: CURLS

Lash Trays

Sure, most lash artists will know from training and practice what curls should go with different types of eyes to create certain looks. Still, it will do no harm to go over the curls and probably can give a refresher for those who just have made their first steps on the lashing way and are yet to get this basics under their skin.

Of course, to choose the right curl, one will have to check the shape of the eyes of the client and her natural curve first, keeping in mind the type of the set to be done. This is crucial as it will not only shape the resulting look, but could also have effect on retention. E.g. using D curl on very straight lashes can lead to extensions in Classic sets not holding as long as they would using J or B curl because D curl will have much less contact area than the other two, with the result that extensions might tend to come off from minor physical contact.

J curl is not so popular as it produces a very natural look, though will hold well on straight lashes.

Similarly, this should work well on straight lashes. Though this one will not give much of an open eye effect, it has a nice flick at the end compared to J. It can also come in handy doing the inner corners, where natural lashes will have less natural curl.

C curl can be a good choice as most clients will have natural lashes curve similarly to it, providing good contact. Extensions using this curl will still look quite natural, though will feature a nice lift without getting over dramatic.

This one will add more drama to the look and can be used to create more lift, say in the outer corners of droopy eyes. It may show less retention on straighter natural lashes because of deep curl along the whole length, leaving less area for contact, and may need some practice to handle it and have good results.

  • L Curl

These will fit well for hooded eyes and monolids with straight natural lashes. These curls will hold well on the lash as they go straight at the base ensuring good contact and curl up towards the tip, while giving the eye a more open look.

Check our infographics below for more visual explanation :)

Happy lashing!

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