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Client concerns: Sudden Quitters and Hasty Clients

Lash Removal process

Why do some clients stop coming for extension service?

You do eyelashes perfectly and your clients are happy, still you may have some of them drop after 5-6 appointments without any obvious reason, while it looked as if they were set to come for more of it forever!

Here are some of most common client concerns:

  • They may worry about the safety of their natural lashes.

Despite you assured her of complete safety of wearing extensions, they may have a thought in the back of her mind that extensions somehow harm her NLs (up to 95% of clients would think so). So it might be a good idea to make a brief recap on the natural lash growth cycle and extension procedure: what things can damage her eyelashes and what cannot and why. Take photos of each client before their first set and after 3-4 months, pointing that her natural eyelashes actually grow the same way they did before she started wearing extensions. It is important for the client both to see it and hear it!

There could be several reasons for this, including leaving too little or almost no space between the extension and the lid. The eyelid is a living tissue, which can grow slightly bigger or smaller during the day because of taking or giving away more or less of body fluids. So, if placed to close, she can feel extensions. In worst cases, this could even trigger “allergy”, when irritation form the extension ends scratching on the eyelid may cause the lid swell a little, causing more contact and irritation. Extensions must be placed no closer than 0.5 mm from the lid . Use less length, volume and curl for inner corners and growing lashes (anagen). Start inner corners with length of no more than 6 mm, not more than 1:2 volume.

  • Wearing extensions adds up to her routines and control.

She have to always think of not sleeping on them, be very careful washing her face, so, extensions removal comes as kind of relief. It might make sense just to go easier on them regarding don’ts, i.e. be less pressing not to sleep on the lashes, touch and rub their eyes. If done well, this should not be that crucial for retention after all, while can relax her in a sense the need of control.

  • Some may have hard time lying still for hours doing nothing.

Sure enough, it’s a precision job, and you have to work your way through each and every lash, but the fact doesn’t make it easier for the client to withstand it. If your client won’t fall asleep, try to entertain her, tell her something interesting, then there will be more chances that she will even not notice when you are done. For more details about this part please see "Do you need to hurry if the client is rushing?"

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