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Coping with client’s concerns: natural lash cycles

Clients tend to pay more attention to their lashes than they would normally do before wearing extensions. For example, after removal some clients would feel as if she had less natural lashes just because she got used to the full look of her set. Others would start counting each lash shed, thinking it is caused by extensions.

Clients must be kept educated about natural growth cycle and fall out to save them worries about "sparse natural lashes after removal" or "natural lashes falling out when wearing extensions."

In addition, people can shed more lashes during certain seasons, primarily in spring and fall. Naturally, clients get anxious feeling they lose more lashes than usual.

Seasonal lash loss is natural and is a part of the lashes natural growth cycle. As clients become very keen about health of their natural lashes, it makes sense to keep them informed about these natural processes not to add to their anxiety if they see some of their lashes fall out. It can be a good idea, especially in case of first-time clients, to briefly go over natural growth cycle, including seasonal shedding, before or during the session so that clients didn't panic seeing a loose lash.

Before and after photos can be of great help here as the client will see how her lashes look like before and after application, their structure, shorter and longer hairs, those in different growth stages at a close-up perspective not available to her.

And if a client has an increased seasonal shedding one may chose to use lighter extensions, while the client may need to come more frequently for infills or make a short break from extensions. In any case, it is always a good thing to inform clients about natural growth and shedding in anticipation of their possible concerns and questions about lash loss.

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