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Lash Artist's Health - Happiness & Success

Lash Artist

We bet you heard about a million times that in order to become a superior lash tech it takes top-quality lashing materials. Namely, trusted and loyal lash extensions glue, that proved to have amazing retention. Tweezers, pre-treatment products, lots of mink lash extension trays, different useful devices, such as nano mister, etc. Yes, this is one of the key points to successful and professional performance without stress. As well as gaining experience, educating yourself and having a dedication to your job. But where to find powers for all this? Indeed, it all takes lots of energy and mental strength. So, have you ever wondered where the successful lashing career starts and how to be a successful lash artist? It starts with you. Namely, your health.

In today’s article let’s discuss lashes and things that matter just as much. 

Mental Health 

Mental health can change your approach toward different things and situations in your life. Caring about your mental health means being trendy nowadays. Now, if you notice that you’re struggling with mental issues, it negatively affects your job in the lash industry (or in any industry, to tell the truth). If we are not healthy - then we can’t build communication with clients, cope with stress and make lots of everyday decisions that require quick thinking. Sometimes, being a lash artist means uncertainty, doubts, and stress from unpleasant communication. 

What can you do as a lash artist in order to make things better for yourself? 

  • Never think that you are not good enough. You are perfect, and perfect in what you are doing if you love your occupation and it comes from your heart. In order to deal with anxiety, we recommend constantly working on your skill to gain confidence, watching tutorials on YouTube, reading blog posts and guides, attending conferences, etc. 
  • If you sometimes feel lonely due to the specifics of your career, talk to other artists. Share tips, tricks, and experiences. Communicate and talk about your everyday struggles. Thus, you will be able to learn something new and understand that you are not an outcast, you are a part of an amazing, friendly community. Vent out and ask for help on social medias. 
  • Take a break! Being a strong, goal-oriented person doesn’t mean that you never experience stress. Remember: you always come first. Your needs and comfort are a priority here. So we advise finding a perfect balance between your client's needs and what you want for yourself. 
  • Affirmations! They work. Keep telling yourself that you’ll be alright and that there is no reason to be down. Your workplace will be organized as soon as your head is. Take a deep breath and remember that you are invincible no matter what. 
  • Make to-do lists. E. g. Clean your tools, store your adhesive properly, check your temperature and humidity, and stock up on your favorite products in time. It may bring a calming effect that you have everything under control.

Physical Health

Those things are connected. Don’t neglect your physical health as well, as it affects your mentality. In order to be happy and gain success in what you are doing, you need strength. If you feel a lack of energy at times, there are simple tips to avoid this frustrating emotion, and focus on essentials (lashes, lashing, and lash supplies) 🙂

  • Relax more often. Find a time in your schedule to do something that brings clarity to your head. Take a bubbly bath, do some yoga, read a good book or spend time in nature. Everything works here. Remember: relaxed body - relaxed mind. 
  • Eat healthily. Or, more specifically, don’t forget to eat. You don’t want your empty stomach to distract you from that lash set you’ve been perfecting for two hours already. Fruits, vegetables, and water will grant you energy to live through the freaky day (as freaky as that famous Friday).
  • Everyone knows that you should sit straight. But not everyone is ready to keep a healthy posture. At least, not all the time. However, we strongly advise you to pay attention to this, as it drives you crazy when your back hurts. And we know that nothing may come between you and those beautiful lashes you are creating. So don’t forget to mind your posture! 


We hope that lots of our precious customers found these tips for lash artists useful and entertaining. We want to ask our beautiful girls to look over themselves and never forget that inner satisfaction and a successful career start from mental and physical health combined, so remind yourself of this golden rule from time to time. 

See you next week with something interesting in store!

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