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What To Expect When You Are Expecting a Client?

Lash Extension Process

What feeling do you have when you are expecting a client to attend you for the first time? Are you nervous? Or on the contrary, calm and collected? Not only do you have to make a first good impression, but you’re also willing to build trusty relationships by asking lots of questions and building stable conversations. Sounds like there is some pressure pushing down on you.


Your client is most likely to feel a bit worried as well, as they are trusting you with something highly important - their lashes. So there is a lot on your plate, and today we would like to share lash artist tips about what needs to be done throughout this process. Enjoy!


Before the Appointment


Preparing your client for their first appointment is very good for time management. Before giving eyelash extension services, make sure your client is prepared for what’s coming for her. 

Notify your customer not to wear any makeup before attending your salon, and come in time. 

Point out that it’s highly important for a successful procedure, as it takes tie to create a truly amazing lash set, and it’s a crime to waste it. The little time you have - the less effort will be put into that lash look. If a client wants something that is truly out of this world, it’s never a bad idea to ask for a reference, give an estimated time and discuss details ahead for your convenience. 


Great Expectations or the Process Itself


Don’t forget to explain what exactly you are doing and why. Therefore, your client more willingly will be listening to you, and they will be calm and comfortable. When eyelash extension preparation starts communication is crucial as it opens the doors for cooperation. Give your customer some info about cleansing and taping in the process. This way they would know you are handling them with care. When it comes to mapping, we have already marked lash maps for eyelash extensions, that come along with our eye pads. So as it’s really convenient, you can proceed with your lash set. The first step is to ensure that all the precautions are met and your client is comfortable. If not, it’s better to discuss it in advance, so that you could make amends and help them receive the most pleasant and relaxing experience. 


After Your Client Leaves


So here comes the time, everything is done, and those gorgeous lashes are in their place. What’s next? It would be a mistake to think that it was a final step. Communication with your clients after they leave is just as crucial. We offer client cards with our XXL Lash Shampoo, that you can conveniently dispense into smaller bottles and make an aftercare kit for your attendees.

Those cards have essential tips on what should be done to maintain good retention as long as possible. It’s also a plus when you educate them about lash shedding and the importance of lash infills. 

P. S.

We believe in you, your dedication to the process, and your loyal customers. Here in Stacy Lash, we strive to do everything to help you through your career and make it even more enjoyable. Trusted tools for talented lash artists! 

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