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Customer Care Bible For Every Lash Tech

Customer care bible for every lash tech, Stacy lash products

As professional lash artists, our clients trust us not only with their gorgeous eyelash extensions, but to take care of their health and overall appearance. From using the correct professional eyelash extension glue to having open conversations with your clients, customer care goes a long way! Join us as we break down the customer care bible for every lash tech, the best approaches for new clients and how to answer client concerns. 




An underrated customer care approach that many experienced lash artists swear by - is transparency. Whether it’s having your service price list available for view online or disclosing additional payment services, being transparent with your clients can reflect positively on your overall professionalism. 

It’s important to clearly and honestly designate the policy of your work. Even before arriving for their appointment, your clients should already be somewhat aware of your work, what lash glues you will be using, what they contain, any prepayment agreements, or additional costs of your services. 


Individual Approach


As our clients like to feel special and cared for, having individual approaches for all customers is key. Aftercare gifts, individualized ‘thank you’ cards, shoutouts on your Instagram page and words of affirmation are all simple personal touches that mean a lot. 

Having an individual approach also means listening to your client’s wishes and corresponding to their needs. If your client wants asymmetrical lash extensions, try crafting lash fills by mixing Mink and Ellipse lash extensions. If your client wants long-lasting lashes, then opt for individual eyelash extension glues that have higher retention properties. Listening to your client’s needs can help you build one-of-a-kind connections. 


Invest In Appearance


As soon as your clients walk into your beauty salon, they observe the environment. Having a clean, organized and aesthetically-pleasing salon will showcase your dedication to your work, and your incredible sense of style!

Lash techs should always invest in the appearance of their workplace. This means, having professional lash extension supplies, a variety of lash extension glues, pleasant decorations and a welcoming environment. 

Clients also pay attention to the appearance of their lash artists! So having neat and well-groomed nails and hair are also key points. If funding is limited for extravagant decor, then it’s best to invest in high-quality lash products, like professional eyelash extension glues.


Conversation Is Key


And last but not least, having open conversations with your clients is a must. Especially, when it comes to working with new clients.

Ask your clients if they have personal sensitivities, or if they experienced any reactions before. It can be a good idea to perform a patch test two days before appointment and talk about any specific concerns your client might have. After all, it’s our duty to make our clients feel relaxed when they enter the doors to the lash salon. Thus, an open conversation builds trust and mutual respect.




Just by following these simple tips and tricks, you can become a better lash artist that can attract more clients and customers! 

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