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Do’s and Don’ts of Eyelash Extensions

Lash aftercare

When it comes to beauty treatments that can boost your confidence in seconds, it’s safe to say professional eyelash extensions are on top of that list. What’s better than waking up with striking long lashes ready to take on the world?! But beauty comes with its price. As many beginners make common mistakes when wearing lash extensions, you, as an experienced lash technician, can share incredible tips and tricks with your clients on how to maintain gorgeous lashes longer. Here are the Do’s and Don’ts of eyelash extensions.


Eyelash Extensions Do’s


A major factor that can help eyelash extensions last longer and look radiant from the get-go, is booking an appointment with a certified lash artist. From proper hygiene to meticulous application techniques, professional lash technicians, like yourself, have the skills to put eyelash extension certificates to good use.
Another great tip for your new clients is to encourage them to take an allergy test before their eyelash session. This way, both you and your client can avoid an unpleasant allergic reaction to the adhesives.
If your customers want long-lasting stunning lash extensions, then maintaining a regular aftercare routine is the way to go. Investing in an eyelash extensions cleanser and eyelash extensions shampoo can help lashes stay squeaky clean and build-up free.
And finally, along with lash cleansers and shampoos, your clients should know about the importance of brushing their lashes regularly. Not only will this aftercare step prevent natural eyelashes from going in the wrong direction, but regular brushing can also make extensions look more full and wispy.


Eyelash Extension Don’ts


Now, let’s discuss some of the factors that aren’t very kind on delicate eyelash extensions. One of the most commonly asked questions you may hear as a lash tech is: can you curl your eyelash extensions? Inform your clients to avoid using a mechanical lash curler, as the added pressure from lash accessories and lash tools can actually damage lash extensions and cause premature fall-out.
Your customers will benefit greatly by avoiding direct heat from blow dryers, ovens and grills. Hot temperatures are detrimental for lashes, as heat can actually singe synthetic lash extensions and cause damage to the natural eyelashes as well.
And last but not least, it’s also best to keep extensions away from oil-rich makeup and skincare products, as oils can weaken the adhesive. Thus, even high-quality lash products, such as the Stacy Lash glues, prefer to be kept oil-free.




And there we have it! Even though our clients all love to rock beautiful lashes, it’s important to know the main do’s and don’ts of eyelash extensions. Make sure your clients maintain regular lash cleansing and brushing routines. And don’t forget to remind your girls to stay away from mechanical lash curlers and excess heat!

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