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Is It A Lash Allergy Or Something Else?

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Professional masters of eyelash extensions are always upset by the news of eye irritation and discomfort that the client is experiencing. Since the comfort and safety of our customers comes first, it is always important to recognize and find the cause of eye irritation. It is often difficult to distinguish an eyelash allergy from a reaction to glue fumes or improper placement of the pad. Let's take a look at what an eyelash allergy is and whether our client is experiencing an allergic reaction or something else.


What is an eyelash allergy?


In the fairytale world of eyelash extensions, eyelash lovers often experience swelling, redness of the eyes and irritation after sessions. This is what we call eyelash allergies. Allergies occur when our immune system encounters foreign substances and reacts with hypersensitivity reactions.

When it comes to allergic reactions to eyelashes, our clients may experience hypersensitivity to the ingredients used during the eyelash extension session. Others may be allergic to chemical compounds, mainly cyanoacrylate, a durable material found in adhesives. Ask your customers in advance about their allergies — this is a great way to avoid such adverse reactions in the future.


Improperly positioned false eyelashes


Along with adhesive chemical compounds, a situation with improperly placed lash pads is a common culprit of allergic reactions. When the lash pads aren’t placed correctly, there is a risk of the adhesive getting into our client’s eye and causing a chemical burn. Or, when the pad was placed too close to the eye, thus rubbing and scratching it, this can lead to physical eyeball injury. Thus, we advise always checking the lash pad placement before beginning the application process.

One way we can recognize a chemical burn from a typical lash allergy is by time. Chemical burns occur very quickly and cause instant discomfort, while allergic reactions may take up to 3 days to develop!


Reaction To Glue Fumes


Another important factor that can cause an allergic reaction is the powerful pairs of glue that come into close contact with the eyes. Although the reaction to glue vapors may be rare, some of our customers may experience tearing, itching and irritation from the fumes.

Reducing glue vapors and using high-quality adhesives is the best way to deal with these allergic reactions. Low smoke eyelash extension adhesives and formulations such as Stacy Lash Extra Strong Evolution can be a solution to avoid exposure to harmful chemicals and strong glue vapors.

After all, it is our responsibility as professional craftsmen and eyelash extension masters to care and take care of the comfort, well-being and appearance of our clients!


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