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How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last And What Are Lash Fills?

Eyelash Extensions

Gorgeous lash looks, voluminous lashes and stunning long-lasting results. What’s not to love about eyelash extensions?! As experienced lash technicians, you are well aware that even our beautiful lash extensions have their time limits. Meaning, that once every few weeks our clients get to go home with brand new lash refills and sets. In today’s article, let’s discuss exactly what an eyelash extension refill procedure is, how long do lash extensions last, and some tips you can share with your devoted clients. 


What Are Lash Fills?


While we all love the look of beautiful eyelash extensions, there comes a time when our clients need to refresh their lashes to make them look fuller. That’s when eyelash infills come to save the day. But what is a lash extension fill? An eyelash extension fill procedure is a process where new lash extensions are attached to natural lashes. But here is the catch. Only those natural lashes that have experienced extensions shedding can get brand new lash extension fills to create that flawless lash look. 


The Difference Between a Full Set and a Lash Refill


Now that we know about the eyelash extension fill process, it’s time to take a look at the difference between a full lash set and a lash refill. When a brand new client walks in, you as a lash technician apply what’s known as a full set of lashes. This means that natural lashes have never had extensions attached before, and require a full set to create the desired lash look. 

Lash refills, on the other hand, are lash extensions that are placed instead of the fallen out ones or glued on newly grown and fresh natural lashes. That is why eyelash extension fill time is also much shorter, as only 40-50% of lash extensions need to be applied.


Why Are Lash Refills Important?


This brings us to our next point - why are lash refills so important and why should your clients regularly schedule their refill appointments? Imagine walking out of the salon with mesmerizing lashes that captivate attention left and right. Once 6 to 8 weeks natural lashes go through normal shedding cycles. Eyelash extensions follow natural lashes as they shed, creating unpleasant gaps along the lash line. It’s important to inform your clients to get lash refills once every few weeks, so they can avoid these noticeable gaps. Your loyal clients will definitely thank you, as their confidence will stay sky high at all times! 


How Often Your Clients Should Come For Refills


As we’ve mentioned, natural eyelash extensions undergo fall-out once every 6 to 8 weeks. Many professional lash technicians recommend getting new lash fills once the shedding begins. This means, your clients can schedule appointments 2 to 3 weeks after getting their full lash sets. This is a great tip you can share with your clients, if they truly want to upkeep and maintain proper eyelash extension care. 




Let’s sum up everything we’ve discussed in our article. Lash fills are lash extensions that are attached to newly grown natural lashes and your clients can come to get this procedure after 2 to 3 weeks after the full lash set. Not only will your clients avoid unattractive gaps along their lash lines, but your expertise will grow with every new lash fill procedure you complete. 

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