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Lash Mama: expecting a pregnant client (Part 1)

Pregnant client

Pregnancy is always a catalyst for all sorts of changes. Almost every tiny step should be thoroughly rethought during this journey. Basically, every structure in a well-established set of life’s architectural ensemble has to be leveled piece by piece, brick by brick, and built again. For a pregnant lady, each of her routines is faced with a necessity of redesigning - from daily diet habits and work schedule to workout programs and a sleeping position. It seems like by giving the gift of birth, a woman automatically receives a new life for herself.

     Okay. But all these wonderful concerns are none of your business if you are not pregnant, right? Actually pregnancy is capable of making adjustments to your business even when you are not expecting a baby. How? The first condition - you are a lash artist. The second condition - you are a professional lash artist.

     If both conditions are fulfilled, then you are familiar with ”shoot for the moon and you’ll hit the stars”  principle. In human-centered work, going the extra mile always pays its way. However, if normally such approach is advisable but still optional, with a pregnant client it is a must.

I was made for lashin’ you, baby

     So how do you treat a client who is expecting a baby? Treat her like there are 2 people on your appointment, only one is temporarily invisible. With a double portion of care and attention.

#1 Don’t let your lash mum to keep mum

     The first thing that matters most is your awareness. Often women just don’t really think that it is important to tell you about their delicate condition. However, while in the final months of pregnancy it becomes quite obvious even without game-changing comments, at this early stage telling somebody of expecting a baby is a longer equivalent of the word “Surprise!”. Besides, the first trimester is considered to be the most crucial for fetal development. Hence, you should take the initiative, nevertheless minding every single warning sigh, because it is always better to be safe than sorry.

     The fact is that there are pretty big chances, your client just doesn’t know about the potential risks a lash appointment can expose her and her baby’s health to. If you clarify everything ahead of time, this will guarantee that your client will make a more informed decision.

#2 A glue by any other name will smell as glue

     If someone did not know, the smell of glue is not the healthiest one. But what really worth pointing out is that many pregnant women are extremely sensitive to smells. Unpleasant, toxic odors can bring a bunch of such symptoms as nausea, fatigue or breathing difficulties. Besides all semi-permanent adhesives contain Cyanoacrylate among their ingredients, which can cause skin and eye irritations in case of contact or just by fumes. But even though during a lash procedure, if run by a licensed lash artist, an adhesive is not supposed to touch your eyes or skin, Cyanoacrylate can also negatively affect the respiratory tract. Additionally, in recent years, a number of studies have revealed extremely malign influence that Cyanoacrylate and other strong ingredients the glue may contains exert on both pregnant women and unborns.

     Thus, you need to ensure potential risks related to Cyanoacrylate are communicated effectively, so that your client doesn’t have health concerns and you would not have to worry about your business.


You may also consider switching to a more gentle glue when working with your pregnant clients. This will allow to shirk this part of conversation and proceed with the appointment before your client begins to be chased by the eyelash extension adhesive in her nightmares.

     While undergoing a cosmetic treatment there are chances that the client may develop some allergies or reactions to the products used. Any complications or discomfort during this time is unwelcome.

     Eyelash extensions are one of the most non-invasive beauty procedure, as it should be provided by a trained lash artist who uses quality products. The best part is that the lash extensions are applied to your natural lashes and not directly on your skin.

Do you want to know more? Just stay tuned and we will be back shortly!

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