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Eyelash Extensions: A Journey Through The Centuries (Part 2)

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And we’re back with even more eyelash extension history facts! As we’ve already discussed in Part 1, eyelash extensions and mascaras have a deep history that dates back to the Ancient Egypt times. In this article, let’s continue our journey through the centuries, and see which parts of the world eyelash extensions take us this time around! 


The Golden Age of Cinema in The 1950s


We all love the iconic era of 1950’s Hollywood. Along with high-fashion clothing, A-list Hollywood stars, like Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe, were often seen rocking full and luscious false eyelashes. 

As a way to make their eyes pop on cinema screens, actresses would opt for plastic and all-synthetic eyelashes. The Golden Age of Cinema is also when plastic eyelashes began to be sold commercially. 


Twiggy And Passion for Bigger and Bolder Lashes


Just a few years later, false eyelashes began to dominate the 1960s and 1970s eras. The fashion model Twiggy played a big role in advertising the bigger and bolder fake eyelashes. 

Women observed the effects of bigger false eyelashes, and how they highlighted and accentuated the eyes. That’s why, many would layer up their lash sets, and create very thick and full eyelash looks! Seeing the demand for lashes, companies began to release lashes with color and sets that would range in shape and size.


Production of Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions in the Early 2000s


We are slowly approaching the modern era of eyelash extensions! It’s no secret that the 2000s were memorable in terms of fashion and makeup. But did you know, the 2000s is when the production of semi-permanent lash extensions began?

These new lash extensions were more natural in appearance and had innovative application methods of attaching small clusters of extensions onto natural lashes. 


From J Curl to Wide Range of Curls


Even though eyelash extensions were now all the rage, these extensions lacked range and variety. In the 2000s, only one kind of extension curl was available, known as the J curl. These lashes had thick diameters and didn’t offer much in personalization.

Over time, expert lash artists began to develop an abundant range of curls and unique lash designs. From B curl lashes to C curl individual eyelashes, now eyelash extension curls have a better selection, and can accommodate individual clients and their style preferences!


From Classic to Many More Lashing Techniques


Before the invention of Russian extensions, lash artists could only rely on one technique of attaching one extension to the natural lash, known as the classic lashing technique. But, ever since the 2010s, a brand new application method was invented, which has allowed lash techs to place 2-3 or even more extensions onto the same natural lash! And that’s how the volume lashing technique took over the lash world! 

Lash application techniques are still advancing and evolving, as innovative procedures have inspired millions across the globe. Now, applying 20 individual extensions of 0.03 mm is a walk in the park!




And there we have it! The incredible journey of eyelash extensions through the centuries. We are very excited to see the future of eyelash extensions and one-of-a-kind creations and designs! 

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