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Stacy Lash Guide or the Perks of being a Smart Cookie

Stacy Lash Guide or the Perks of being a Smart Cookie

Following the announcement of the Stacy Lash Guide, we would like to point out the importance of having at hand some educational content and how it may change your day for the better. 

We are all familiar with this feeling when you can’t remember something and it’s just right there, at the tip of your tongue. Now you don’t need to puzzle over it, you can just grab your phone at and take a small glimpse at the things you might have been searching for in your head. 


What to expect?


Once you open the Guide, you will find lash placement recommendations for all eye shapes, and the most suitable curl type. Also, you’ll learn how to pick a curl considering lash growth direction and get detailed examples of lash mapping for 8 lash extensions styles, all in one place, ready marked, and waiting to be used!  

Slightly confused about how to exploit all the potential of your trusted lash tools? For example, sometimes, incorrect eye pad placement can cause an inconvenience. Or feel that your adhesive can show better performance. Say no more. This information is also accessible. 

And be prepared! Lots of lifehacks of working with hand-made fans, individual lash styles, and eyelash extensions styles for different eye shapes are coming your way! Together with pre-treatment and aftercare insights to see if everything goes as it should during the whole lash extension procedure and afterward.


Educate your customers


Sometimes, it can be a great idea to follow your client through the whole process and explain the reasons why you made this or that decision. It will make you more trustworthy and also make the client feel more calm and confident around you after they are aware that for example “Capping” it’s just an application technique and not the name of some monster. It’s always good when you know what to expect. According to psychology, a person is more likely to purchase something familiar to them. 

Moreover, it will be easier to explain why your client will be a bombshell with this “Open Eye” look, though she is persistently demanding the “Kitten” style. 


Share it with clients!


Your social media profile is a great place to interact with potential and already existing customers. Super good idea to share - aftercare tips for their lash extensions. Cleansing, night care, general precautions, etc. 

Also, tell people more about yourself. Your loyal attenders and new incomers might want to know your background, as it’s a base for building long and trusted relationships. 

You should not only take a photo of your wonderful lash set but also accompany it with some interesting description. What kind of extensions did you use, which technique was chosen, and why. Don’t be shy to share your preferences and ideas with your audience. You know what you know, and they will surely be grateful when they see that you care for their lashes just as much as they do. 


Wild and Free!


We, at Stacy Lash, collected so much useful information in our Ultimate Guide. It’s a blend of lashing practices and tips on how to make an amazing lash set.

You can receive it absolutely for free. Just visit @stacylashstore Instagram profile, DM us “EBOOK” and enjoy this convenient and useful little helper!

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