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Interview with the Lash Artist. Time to Talk!

Stacy Lash Ambassador

Today we are encouraging lash techs of all countries to unite and share experiences, as it's always good to communicate with your fellow lash lovers, to avoid possible challenges, to see new opportunities and set future goals to work on self-improvement.  

It's never a bad idea to listen to an expert, whether you are a beginner or an already advanced artist. The lash industry is an infinite universe of knowledge, new ideas, and creativity. You never know where you'll find the missing pieces of your lash puzzle.

Today, we break down the interview with Maritza Westbrooks,  talking about her path in the industry, and her ups, and downs. Check those golden tips she gives!


What or Who inspired you to become an eyelash artist?

 I have always been into beauty, from an early age I knew I wanted to be like my aunts who are cosmetologists.  I was inspired to become an eyelash artist when I started to notice women at my job with these beautiful lash extensions. I was automatically hooked and have been ever since.


How did you find your first client?

 My first clients were my family and my coworkers, they really helped me when I was practicing.  My first “stranger” client was a client who found me on social media, She’s with me till this day.


What is the most difficult thing about being a lash artist?

 The most difficult thing about being a lash artist to me was finding the right glue. It took me a while to understand humidity and drying time. The industry grows by the day and I still believe for most lash artists finding the right adhesive is the most challenging part.  Always make sure you have a hygrometer!


Do you work as an employee in a beauty salon or you run your own business?

 Both, I teach online and have an online shop with lash supplies and Instructional material.  I also work at a private studio part-time.


If you could give one piece of advice to those who just start their lash journey, what would it be?

 I would say not to give up, the start-up for a lash business can be costly at first, from school to courses, to material and supplies, rent;  but It’ll all be worth it in the end. My simple advice would be “visualize yourself all booked out or getting the outcome you desire, don’t accept anything less. I promise you, you will make it. Stay focused”.


What do you do to your clients to make them come back to you?

 I have mostly regulars now, I think I’ve built relationships of mutual respect with them. They respect my time, love my work and refer friends.  I think people appreciate a good work ethic and consistency. My advice would be to Go as hard for yourself and your business as you would for an employer.


What are your top 3 products an eyelash artist can't live without?

 Primer, hygrometer and a Bonder.   

Primer was the thing I never knew I needed.  I felt primer over dried lashes but now I find it essential. A hygrometer is absolutely a must because you need to know what your room temperature and humidity are. This is going to help tremendously with retention.  Bonder is my new best friend, my retention is better than ever with this combo!


What shouldn't a client do before and after an eyelash procedure?

 They should not wear mascara.  Mascara, especially waterproof mascara is so hard to clean off the natural lashes.  It takes a lot of time to clean off all the makeup and start lashing, it’s best if the client has no makeup on their eyes.  After a lash treatment, a client should not sleep on their face for best long-term retention.


If you could choose one celebrity to lash who would it be?

 I would definitely say Mariah Carey because I’ve always loved her. 


What are the reasons that make a client go elsewhere?

 Lack of communication and lack of consistency.  Clients like to know that if they book an appointment with you, you will be there. Their time is just as important as ours. 


What lash trends would you like to see in the future?

 I love that this industry grows by the day! New innovative products and supplies are constantly being rolled out for us to try. I would like to see more color and accents in eyelash sets.  I think they will eventually become as versatile as nails, some people will like them simple and cute while others will like colors and accents.  That’s the beauty of lashes, it really is art up to every individual lash artist.


Bad retention, Who is guilty? A client or an artist?

 I think it can go both ways.  As lash artists, it’s our responsibility to educate ourselves on our products and how they can optimally perform in our environment.  It’s also our responsibility to educate our clients on aftercare for their lashes to maximize their retention.  Once a client has been informed it is their responsibility to follow through with the aftercare recommended by their lash artist.  We also have to keep in mind that every client is different, their retention will vary by their lifestyle, aftercare, how oily their skin is, or many other factors.  In the end, it’s not really about whose fault it comes down to, but what can be done to improve it.   


We hope that helps you find some inspiration. Or, if you're just starting your career, you might find some useful information on how to navigate your future and never give up no matter what!

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