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Natural vs. Black vs. Colored (Ombre) Eyelash Extensions

Black and Colored Eyelash Trays

The modern beauty industry transformed into something very big and diverse, and everyone now can have the lashes of their dream choosing the preferable style among many trendy looks. So many trends keep gaining popularity in the lash industry. Colored eyelashes and ombre are one of these trends, together with the new trend of a natural look that suits fair-haired clients. But the classic never is out of lash techs' sight. Although, let’s find out the most preferable option for today.

Colored lashes

When you would like to make a colorful statement – colored eyelash extensions are your best friends. A burst of colors is a festive and attractive option for a special occasion, or just when you simply long for a change and like to stand out. Let’s determine what are we dealing with and trace the path to the world of colors. Whenever you use colored lashes you need to decide which type to use, directly colored or ombre eyelash extensions. Ombre lashes is when a darker lash gets lighter on the tip, making a gradient. And colored ones are monochrome. The advantage of getting colored extensions is that you may come for an infill once a month and you have a variety of options to choose from (we are talking about the creative and diverse palette of lash trays to stock up). Mix and match them to eternity, never get bored! You can make a completely colored mink lashes set, or add as many colorful lashes as you wish, it’s all up to you and your client’s mood. 

Black lashes

Black eyelash extensions are an immortal classic and everyone’s go-to look. They will be never forgotten and it’s something that most lash artists know the best. Moreover, you have the widest choice of extensions when you are dealing with black color. Namely, classic, volume, flat (ellipse), split tips, etc. Black lashes add drama and glamour better than anything else, they are perfect for parties, formal events, girls' nights out, and other similar occasions. At the same time, they fit clients with darker hair or complexion perfectly. When your client is a fan of bold looks then here you are, with your bag of magic tricks, offering many options to choose, from with the black color. 

Natural lashes

Another name for these extensions is Brown eyelashes. These lash fills are very natural and complement fair and blonde natural lashes that some clients have. Whether someone is going to a party or something like that, it’s one of the greatest options to choose from. They accentuate the fair complexion of a client, adding freshness to a lash look, being one of the most popular trends of the 2022 year. As the no-makeup looks gain popularity, outshining black lashes as time goes by. By the way, infills are needed significantly more rarely, than when a client is opting out for a black look. For an everyday look, we would definitely recommend trying brown, naturally-looking extensions. Your clients will look gorgeous and delighted to have this fresh and trendy set. 


All in all, there are several factors that determine which lashes to choose. Namely, the occasion, the desires of your customer, and an expected budget. But anyway, follow your heart, don’t forget to follow the trends, and keep creating beautiful art each day every day!

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