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Winter is Coming. Is the Game worth the Lashes?

Eyelash Extensions

Make yourself comfortable near the fireplace or in your favorite armchair, grab a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows and warm plaid, and socks. A truly wonderful time of the year, promising a new start and revival. But what do the winter and Happy New Year bring to your lash extensions? Aren’t there some challenges at the door? Let’s see what to expect when you are working with lash extensions and lash glues in winter. Prepare to get some tips for lash extensions care in the winter. And remember, it’s a cozy season, no winter blues is allowed! And what can save a lash lover better than a beautiful, brand-new, and dreamy lash set made with extra love and inspiration? 

Great Extensions - Great Expectations!

During this festive season, you hope that those lash looks you create will shine brighter than a diamond. But did you know that besides general inconveniences in winter (overdried skin, hair, and vitamin deficiency) it may affect natural lashes too? The lash shed is something that makes itself felt, resulting in retention that you may not be satisfied with. Not speaking of the lack of moisture, that affects Cyanoacrylate-based adhesives. Glue polymerization is in jeopardy due to that, as moisture is needed for the glue to dry adequately. Otherwise, the fumes may get in the way of your client's comfort and satisfying lash set. Or, even what’s worse, the stickies may appear. But we still expect to nail that winter eyelash extensions look, no matter what the weather conditions bring. 

How to take care of Eyelash extensions in Winter

Winter eyelash extension care can be tricky. Thus, you and your client should act like one, and be a team, cause it not only takes two to tango, but also takes two to lash. Notify your client to be careful with makeup and face care, as some products may contain oils and other components that are not good for extensions. Also, lash fills that is something that should be done more often to maintain a beautiful look (precisely once in 2-3 weeks). This way, you’ll be able to mind the health of your client's natural lashes. Weather is a circumstance to be taken into consideration, we can’t do anything about that fact.

From your side, there are also some things that can be done. We understand, there is a lot on your plate, but you are the one to guide your customer through the whole process and further. With the great power of a lash tech comes great responsibility. Not only do you have to mind your lashing environment or glue behavior, but you also appear to be your client’s mentor, as your attention is needed everywhere. Sounds stressful, we know. First of all, now it’s more important than ever to use your Bonder and Glue Accelerator, a.k.a Booster. The matter with the drying time, humidity, and strong lash hold will be instantly closed. Bonder will ensure safe steaming, as it helps your adhesive to hold those extensions firmly. So they instantly can be exposed to moisture or steam straight after the appointment. Invest in these products and reap the benefits of this investment. Grateful and loyal customers plus a relaxed mind as a bonus, that’s what New Year brings!

Killer Winter Looks

Winter eyelash extensions look, that’s a neverending fairytale. Here is where you can free your imagination and create those works of art. Natural-colored eyelash extensions keep gaining popularity. Brown eyelash are in the game this year, and that’s not going to change in the next one.  This is the time of the season when you can consider offering your client more fair looks. Or even, make it lighter and less dramatic. Maybe, it’s time to leave their comfort zone and try something elegant or practical, if your customer hasn’t done this before. By the way, such an option for a winter lash set adds class and luxury, so don’t pass through it, if your heart is longing for a change. 

Guess what will not be forgotten? Especially when it is winter outside. Bright lights, Christmas tree, fireworks, cracking bonfire, decorations, everything and everyone in their places, as well as colored lash extensions! What’s better than being a star at a party and realizing that all looks are drawn to you? Electric blue, to look like an Ice Queen? Why not? Red or green, to give credit to the Christmas Spirit? Wonderful! Northern Lights on your client's lashes? What a creative and brave move of yours! Each color or mix of colors can become something unforgettable on this holiday night. There are no limits or borders, everything is possible. 


Now you are prepared to face this winter with dignity and boldness. Our Christmas wish is to know that you are killing those winter looks while overcoming weather conditions, thinking only positively. Stacy Lash wishes you all the best in this New Year, and we will be happy to assist you with your loyal tools this year, next year, and a year after, and celebrate every New Year knowing that we fulfilled the Christmas wishes of some lash artists as well.

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