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How to speed up your lash work

Lash Extension Supplies

Since this is one of the most frequently asked questions, we have decided to compile a guide describing all the possible ways, which will help you to get faster:

  1. Fast drying glue. You will never work fast enough if your glue is slow, however fast glue requires good skills. If you cannot cope with the high polymerization speed yet, instead of reducing the time of your lash appointment, you will end up with multiple complaints from customers who have retention issues.
  2. Avoid unnecessary movements. Put the tweezers aside only after you attach an extension. Never touch it or turn sideways with your tweezers. To achieve correct placement, put the extension at the right angle and never turn it sideways after you have already attached it. Do not waste your time admiring the result but proceed to the next natural lash. You should stop brushing the extensions far too often as well.
  3. Optimize your time, you can’t waste a minute. Split your work into stages and note down the time you spend on each stage like evaluation of your client's lashes, choosing an eyelash extension style, eye pads application, mapping, attaching the extensions, checking for the clumps, and so on. It may turn out you lose your time on something you didn’t expect can take your time at all.
  4. When you start your work, do the easiest part of a lash set first. One hour will be enough to complete 70% of a full set, and then, when your hands start lashing automatically, you will apply extensions on the most difficult areas. Eyelash specialists often start with the most inconvenient parts (outer or inner corners, anagen lashes, etc.). However, your work will actually be slowed down — it is like coming to the gym and start lifting the heaviest barbell without doing warm-up exercises.
  5. The practice is never a waste of time. Do not even try to speed up if your experience is just 30 clients. Otherwise, your work quality will be compromised. First, you have to polish all your technical skills and make them flawless, and if you see that your speed remains the same at this point, look for the reason.
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