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Already Advanced. What’s Next?

An advanced lash artist

After years of dedication, non-stop work and high expertise, you, as an advanced lash artist may wonder - ‘what’s next?’. We have all been there! You already know the basics and the most intricate details of lash extension crafting. You may have even joined online courses to expand your skill set. But lucky for us, experienced lash technicians, we can still take our lash journeys to the next level. Join us as we break down the 3 next steps in your lash artistry. 


New Products and Styles


Let’s begin with a step most of us practice on a daily basis. With new lash trends making their way around, it’s easy to follow and learn new styles of lash artistry. Along with mastering new techniques and approaches, it’s also important to become familiar with new lash products. 

From premium mink individual eyelash extensions to glue bonder, scouring through online shops and eyelash extension supplies is a great way to be up to date with recent changes in the lash world. 


Don’t Be Shy To Increase Prices


When starting fresh as a novice lash technician, your service prices may be on the lower end of the spectrum. As you gain expertise and proficiency, you shouldn’t be shy to increase your lash prices. 

Clients love to work with professionals who are confident in their skills. Your lash service prices should reflect your mastery, and sometimes, that means raising your service fees and prices! Do research on the average service fees in your area and match your personal lash costs accordingly! 


Individual Approach to Customers


Another way you can advance your lash journey is by focusing on individual approaches to customers! As a professional lash artist, you have already perfected the art of mink individual lashes. But what about your customers?

Designing unique client cards, offering complimentary service packages, sending out small PR gifts and being active on social media are all great ways to connect with your clientele. On your lash social media accounts, you can post behind-the-scenes pictures of what it’s like to be a lash technician. 

Once a week, you can even try to host Q&A sessions with your fans to answer burning questions about the world of lash extensions! Your followers will appreciate these personal touches and will be coming back to see more content!




As an advanced lash artist, you should be proud of your many accomplishments in the field! And even though on most days you may be wondering ‘what’s next?’, there are creative and inspiring ways you can upgrade your lash journey! 

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