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Eyelash Extensions For Beginners: Where To Start?

Eyelash Extensions

They say the best journeys begin with a simple step and even expert lash artists had to take their baby steps! If you want to become a professional eyelash extension artist, but don’t know where to start - then you have come to the right place! In today’s article, we want to share with you, recently-qualified artists, some of the best tips and tricks of the industry. From where to buy individual mink lash extensions to how to use the right products - let’s jump into it! 


Lash Primer


Before starting any lash session, it’s important to first prepare the natural lashes for the individual mink eyelash extensions and lash adhesive. 

Individual eyelash primers are great products that balance the pH levels of natural lashes and help build stronger adhesive bonds. Using a small amount of primer before attaching the extensions can help you create the jaw-dropping lash extension looks that will last significantly longer!


Lash Pad Placement


Next, let’s talk about how the right lash pad placement can instantly elevate your expertise and credit. As misplaced lash pads can cause eye irritation, swelling and even chemical reactions, we should try our best to avoid these unnecessary events. 

A pro tip is to start placing the pads on the inner corners and to remember that: eye patches for lash extensions should not touch the waterline!

Right Amount of Adhesive


Newcomers to the lash world are often too generous when using individual eyelash extension glue. Too much adhesive can make the lash extensions heavy and clumpy, while using too little can simply cause so undesired retention issues. 

A helpful tip is to use the correct dipping technique when putting an individual mink lash into the glue drop. You can also try to pull out the extension slowly, as to avoid collecting too much glue. 

High-quality Products


Using high-quality products, like lash pads and eyelash shampoo during lash sessions is one of the major parts of being an expert artist. Our clients trust us with their time, money and appearance, and it’s our job to design gorgeous lash extensions that take their breath away! 

Browsing through premium lash extension supply stores and investing in top-quality lash products are great ways to get started on your lash journey. After all, it’s always quality over quantity! Along with lash products, you can even set up a ring light to make the lashing process even more convenient and boost the look of your lash studio!


Take Your Time!


And last but not least, it’s paramount to take your time! Many novice lash techs strive to be fast and efficient artists, but it’s much better to take it slow and craft long-lasting lashes. 

Whether you are trying to cleanse the natural lashes with eyelash shampoo or dissolve the glue with gel remover, eyelash extensions can be an essential part of our overall appearance. Don’t stress, take your time and be confident in your skills and abilities! 

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