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There are 5 types of Lash Techs in the world. Which one are you?

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Ever wondered which type of lash technician are you? We believe there are 5 types existing and you surely must be one of them. Everyone has a different approach to the lashing industry, yet all of us strive to do an amazing and quality job in our own way.

Dive into this article to find yourself and your friends below. 


The chatty one


You don’t even have to go all out to make your client feel comfortable around you. With you, it just comes naturally. Not only you are able to speak to the client’s heart and build a trusting conversation, but you also are able to come up with a new exciting story for every occasion. You sometimes may even find yourself losing the track of time and running late as you’re being caught up in the interesting chat with your fellow attendants.




Who said experiment? You are the one who surely always thinks outside the box. You are not afraid to try new styles, mix and match lengths, diameters and curls. Add some glitter? Sounds good! What can be better than pursuing lash trends and making them even more creative? You are one of those lash techs that are constantly pursuing knowledge. You appear to be the first who buys tickets to lash conferences, courses, or business training. 




Are your lash extension tools in a perfect state and just glowing before every appointment? Always a little bit of a neat freak? We can tell you are well prepared for each and every upcoming visit. Congratulations! Then you are a Perfectionist type. Sometimes you spend more time finishing your lash set, just to make sure it’s flawless. Every move you make is naturally confident and seem effortless. The feeling that you just came straight from the movie “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Lashing Room”. Go you! It’s really a top-quality one should be proud of.




You never stop doing things and you know for a fact that there's always room for improvement in everything you’re doing. You start your day early with the thought of how to add a splash of color into your routine, and you always perform well. You also end your day late because there is so much going on and so much to keep up with, while talking, thinking, and engaging in the lash industry. You’ll leave no stone unturned till you reach success or just another goal planned for a day. Your business is like your precious child and we are honestly mesmerized by your type for such determination.




You prefer minimalistic style in your lash room which gives your clients the most relaxing vibes. When you face any kind of inconvenience at work, you still are able to say no to stress. Whether it’s a client who’s running late or even didn’t show up at all, or it’s a trusted lash glue that suddenly got spoiled, you nevertheless do your thing and believe that your lash set will be amazing. 

Which type are you? Comment on this article and let us know which type you recognized yourself in!

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