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Amateur vs. Professional lash extensions. What's the difference?

Lash extansion Procedure

Ever wondered what makes a good lash technician? Is it hard to be successful and what does it take to become one? Many lash artists face this everyday challenge when they are searching the ways to become more skilled and experienced. Surely, if you decided to become a lash artist, you want to become not just an average one, but a really, really good one. There are no guides or instructions with detailed steps, unfortunately, but we can surely share some useful recommendations to follow.  


What differentiates a good lash tech from just a lash tech

Not that we want to sound cheesy or trivial, but you won’t be professional without a passionate and dedicated approach. If we take a deeper look into this, it means investing your time, money, and effort in what you’re doing. Indeed, professional lash artists put their heart and soul into their business. However, it’s not enough. Being a professional means constantly growing and learning new skills. Extending the list of your services is one of the traits that distinguish a professional. Consider doing a lash lift, using lash extensions of different styles and colors, and learn to think outside the box by coming out with some creative approaches (e.g. small boxes with presents, aftercare kits, etc.). It’s never a bad idea to stand out, especially when we talk about the lash industry, the most vivid and glaring one. :)

Common mistakes a lash artist can make

Without a doubt, everyone makes mistakes. But it’s not something to be ashamed of, as they make us stronger and we can learn this way how to do right in the future and avoid doing the same things. Here is the list of the most common ones and recommendations on what to do:

  • Not estimating clients’ natural lashes and using extensions that appear to be too heavy for them. This way, you can do harm to natural lashes, and that’s surely not good. Take it, as a rule, to access lashes before starting the procedure. We do not recommend you choose a diameter higher than 0.18
  • Forgetting about lash extension placement. In order to keep natural lashes healthy and ensure that you’ll be satisfied with the result, place the extension along the lash line, keeping a distance of 0.5mm - 0.1mm away from the skin. 
  • Not shaking your glue, or not shaking it right. Don’t forget to shake your lash extensions adhesive for the right amount of time back and forth. Never shake it up and down, as it may cause issues with the glue bottle, resulting in an unsatisfying performance.
  • Using too much lash adhesive. This way, lashes stick or clump together, harming natural lashes and spoiling the lash look. 
  • Incorrectly placing under-eye pards. If you put them too high to the waterline, it causes itchiness, redness, and bruising during, and after the procedure. You can mistakenly take it for a reaction, but it’s not like that. Make sure that there is a small distance between the waterline and the eye pad, or use tape to ensure it’s fixed in the right position. 

Tips to get more skillful

  • Treat your adhesive right. It’s your true loyal companion in the lash business, so you need to take proper care of your glue. Always store it in the upright position in a cool, dark, and dry place. In addition, make sure that you wipe it with a lint-free tissue after each use and make sure you won’t let the air get into your bottle, by closing it tightly. You don’t want your adhesive to let you down at the most important moment. 
  • Clean the client’s lashes thoroughly and use a lash primer to remove body oils and ensure a stronger bond. 
  • Shake the glue well, for a proper amount of time. At least 60 seconds before starting the application process. 
  • Mind your temperature and humidity. Make sure that it complies with the required indication your adhesive has, in order to achieve better retention. 
  • Practice your isolation skills, as it makes you a more professional and skilled lash artist, who creates magically beautiful lash sets. 


Professional artist is the one who is constantly searching for ways to improve their services. As a professional understands that there is no better feeling than having a customer returning to you for another beautiful lash set, happy and confident that you and you only will take proper care of their beauty. Stay tuned for other exciting blog posts each week and learn new tricks!

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