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Fan Vs. Nano mister. What to Choose?

Lash Fan & Nanomister

The eyelash extensions industry is definitely moving forward. Modern lash technicians have lots of devices to make their life easier and more comfortable. There are tons of such tools and devices to choose from. Some interesting and powerful duo that comes in handy every day during lash appointments - a fan and a nano mister. Do you think there is no difference between a nano-mister and a portable fan? There is! And today we will explain it. 

Fan. How to use. Features and Benefits

The first thing that you need to know is that a fan is your must-have. You definitely should use it each time you perform an eyelash extension procedure. The semi-permanent adhesives contain Cyanoacrylate, a strong component that gives off fumes, and you don’t want them to affect you or especially, your client. And the fan removes adhesive vapors and fumes. That’s simple. Choosing glue for Sensitive eyes is sometimes not enough and you need something extra that helps reduce sensitivity and stinging. Your fan increases comfort, that's for sure. In addition, it saves your client’s eyes from watering and being overdried and makes lashes fluffy. Plus, it’s pretty small and easy to use. 

When you are going to use it, turn your fan on and hold it no further than 10-20 cm from the eyelash extensions of your client. Don’t hold it too close as well and use it for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. 

Nano mister. Secrets and Revelations.

The second question is what is a nano mister for eyelash extensions? Nano-mister is optional but really practical, it sprays water into the air, and due to this, quickens adhesive curing. Usually, it’s used to increase the humidity in your lashing environment. Just a humidifier, but a humidifier is better for these purposes. Nano mister is used to reducing the time to get your client’s lashes wet by half, as it fully cures the lash set. Namely, you can say that it works like Bonder. 

It reduces the risk of irritation and other reactions as well, as the glue-curing process is increased. 

Important! Please note that you shouldn’t use nano mister for lashes and bonder together. You should determine which tool is preferable for you. Also, we would like to point out that overusing may cause the lashes to be more brittle.

Now it’s time for you to hear that you can’t just turn on and off your device whenever you want without extra care for it. This thing needs to be cleaned in order to work properly. How to clean nanomister and what type of water to use in nanomister? Use distilled water for this and turn it on until it’s empty. Then, in order to clean it, fill it with distilled water again and pour it out. If you feel some unpleasant smell, pour isopropyl alcohol in it and pour it out. The smell should be gone after that and you would know that you took a good care of your device.

Now that you know fan and nano mister benefits for eyelash extensions, don’t come past these essential helpers, as it’s crucial to do everything for your lash adhesive to successfully cure and hold the lashes for as long as possible. And provide your client with the most comfortable experience during the lash session at the same time. You’ve got it if you know how to use these tools properly. Go ahead and lash in style!

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