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Stacy Lash Super Booster. Why do you need it?

Stacy Lash Super Booster

The Lash industry has evolved into something big, and powerful, and it still keeps growing. There are so many lash extension supplies, truly, so many, that sometimes you get lost in all these titles and eyelash extension product purposes. Among all of them, we would like to point out one product that serves as a glue activator for lash extensions. You may have heard about glue Booster, also known as Accelerator also known as Sealant. But do you know what it’s used for? And even if you know what it is, you might not know that you need it in your everyday work, as it’s beneficial, and can be used in two different ways, depending on the goals you’ve set in your lashing career. 

Today, we break down something you might not know you needed, but things are about to change…

Benefits of Super Booster used on Natural Lashes

A glue accelerator is often used as a final step of a pre-treatment routine. It’s applied on natural lashes, not causing damage to them. Usually, it’s applied the same way as a lash shampoo and primer, with the help of a micro brush. 

A Booster is meant to increase your glue drying time. How does it work? Well, first of all, it slightly opens hair cuticles and this way, your adhesive comes faster into action. Whenever you feel that you’re ready to use faster adhesive and you’ve moved on from beginner level to something more advanced you may face a certain challenge: you already got used to your glue, and you know that it works for your customers. Your go-to glue is mild and convenient, but you feel that you are no longer satisfied with its speed. Here is when Stacy Lash Booster comes into action, to save the day, by increasing the speed of your adhesive. As a result, you work faster, get more revenue, and don’t have to puzzle over switching to another lash glue. 

But it’s not even the best part. One of the most amazing things about using an adhesive accelerator is that after it’s applied to natural lashes it adjusts your humidity to your glue requirements. Sometimes, lash artists struggle with humidity issues in their lashing environment. It may be too dry or too damp in your region, and you have to buy a ton of expensive devices to make your glue work as expected. But not anymore, as this little helper, Super Booster, solves everything with just a small amount of product applied. 

Benefits of Super Booster used on Hand-made fans

If there is a Volume lash extension style among the services you offer, then you may be interested in purchasing this eyelash extension product as well. As this is a pure gem, a game-changer for many lovers of Volume eyelash extensions. 

Maybe you have ever faced, at least once, that you hand-made fans close up. We only can imagine the feeling when you put your soul into that perfect fan, dip it in the glue drop and notice that it’s shut and no longer beautiful. Sometimes, when you put the base of your fan too deep, it can be the reason, but not every time. It may not be a bother for you if your client is a fan of an oh-so-trendy wet look, but what if your customer wanted something fluffy? Oh-oh… That’s a situation. 

And here is another way Super Booster can become your hero, baby! Equipped with a convenient syringe packaging, just a small amount of a product needed to be applied on a micro brush, and then, on the lash extensions before you proceed with fan-making. You’ll notice the difference straight after you’ll dip your fan into the glue drop, as your adhesive will know its place and the fan will be perfectly opened. 

Note! Do not use this product with easy fans. The Booster is designed only to help with regular lashes for hand-made fanning. 



Now you know what the booster is used for and why you need it. Enjoy the innovative power of the glue accelerator and forget about small nuisances that get in the way of your everyday work. 

Stay tuned for more, learn things, share experiences, and Happy Lashing!

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