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Extra Bonder Explained. Know Your Sealant From the Inside

Stacy Lash Extra Bonder

Extra Bonder Explained. Know Your Sealant From the Inside


Question number 1 today is do you need a lash bonder for eyelash extensions? Stacy Lash Extra bonder has been playing a core role in lash artists’ lash kits for quite some time. No wonder, as it’s impossible not to fall in love with this little thing, the convenient packaging and most important, its undoubtful beneficial power. In order for you you to know your favorite products better or to get to know something that you may consider starting to purchase on a regular basis, we invite you to read this article. Now we are going to cover all questions that lash lovers may have. Ultimately, we all have one goal, to serve our favorite customers and create art. 


What is it?


So what is it and what does Bonder do for lash extensions? Extra Bonder, also known as Glue Sealant, is the product used to cure your adhesive. It typically takes about 24 hours or more for the Cyanoacrylate-based adhesive to cure. While it cures, the client should pay attention not to get into contact with water. Glue Bonder is meant to ensure instant eyelash extension glue polymerization. 


Why it's essential? 


Does Bonder help lash retention? Yes, it is, and not only that. As we have mentioned before, Extra Bonder cures your adhesive and adds flexibility to the lash extensions, thus, significantly adding time to retention. Moreover, the bonder locks up the fumes that your glue gives off, as semi-permanent adhesives tend to contain strong components, which can potentially cause a reaction if the lash artist won’t ensure the safety of the procedure. Finally, you can save yourself a few dollars, as instead of a nono mister or other similar devices, you can invest in a glue bonder, which can be a more convenient solution. 


Myths & Reality


Myth: Glue Bonder can cause shock polymerization, therefore it’s not safe to apply on the extensions. No liquid should come into contact with lash adhesive at least for the first 24 hours. 

Reality: Glue Bonder prevents shock polymerization, so that your customer can get their extensions wet straight after the lash appointment. 


Myth: It can be used along with a lash nebulizer and other similar devices, making the effect more stable and visible. 

Reality: It’s either this or that. Therefore, lash nebulizer and bonder together put your client at risk of skin reactions. 


Myth: It can’t be used on all clients due to individual sensitivities.  

Reality: To tell the truth, it can. It even should be used on all clients, as it’s completely safe and doesn’t contain any harmful elements  And it reduces the risk of developing a reaction to fumes.   


How to use


People also ask: How do you apply eyelash bonders? Do you apply Bonder before or after lash extensions? So, let’s find out. First, every las brand has its individual design, so when choosing the bonder pay attention to this, as it would matter how you’ll apply the product to the lash extensions. Our eyelash extension bonder comes in revolutionary cosmetic syringe packaging for the most comfortable and hygienic use. Just apply the necessary amount of product to the micro brush and apply the bonder to the eyelash extensions. Extra Bonder serves as a final step of the procedure (full set or infill). When the set is fully done, it’s time for it to take action. When you’re done, the client is free to leave the salmon and not be afraid of moisture or possible negative reaction. The lash set is safe and nothing can ruin the mood. 


Storage & Shelf Life


There are several rules and precautions while working with the glue bonder. You should always do your research to ensure the product will act properly. Firstly, it needs to be applied strictly to the glue contact area and you should allow no contact with eyes and bare skin. Stacy Lash Extra Bonder can be used within six months after opening and is okay to use within a year if unopened and stored properly. Keep it in a cool place, avoiding heat, and don’t leave it under direct sunlight. How long does lash bonder last? It all depends on the amount of product you use. Precisely, it lasts for several months if used regularly. 




All things considered, we believe that this game-changer in the lash industry is definitely worth a try. 

You can see for yourself, that there are so many many advantages to this little one. Go check it on Stacy Lash website  and grab your Bonder today!

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