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What's The Difference Between Silk, Mink, Faux And Human Hair Lashes

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The lash industry evolved with time; throughout its existence, it kept changing, bringing something new, setting new trends, etc. Thus, many types of lash extensions appeared, as new modern solutions were needed with time. As lash artists and lash product suppliers, our mutual goal is to be trendy, go with the flow, and satisfy the needs of our target group. Whenever your client comes for lash extensions to you, you turn to your trusted supplier to buy some lash trays of premium quality. Therefore, we need to know what to choose to do our best. Let’s find out the difference between all existing types of eyelash extensions and determine the best option. 


Mink Lashes 


The first kind of lash extension is the most popular one. Our mink eyelash extensions are made of the highest-quality PBT material, which makes them look feathered, light, and naturally beautiful. Yes, you heard right, mink eyelash extensions are not from real mink, though it used to be like that in the past. Fortunately, more and more companies become vegan, and cruelty-free and refuse to use animal products or anything animal tested. And it’s a good sign. It means we are moving in the right direction. Actually, natural mink fur is also quite expensive, so we believe the game is not worth the lashes, as animals should be treated right, and the beauty industry can come up with new modern, and convenient solutions. It’s great that everyone switched to PBT, as time flies and materials get better. Faux mink lashes are made of plastic, but it’s the most lightweight and natural material, with the minimum chance of developing an allergy, as faux mink are truly more hygienic than real mink fur extensions. Additionally, such lashes promise more stable curl and last longer, as you don’t need to pay extra attention to them, except for your regular after-care routine (e. g. washing with lash shampoo, avoiding oil-based products, curlers, poking and minding your sleeping posture). See? Simple and convenient!


Synthetic Lashes


Synthetic eyelash extensions are as lightweight as mink lashes, but they are firmer, that's for sure. However, they are not as popular as mink ones, as they are not very natural, though being dramatic and thicker. Which lashes last longer, you may start wondering, and which fighter to choose when it comes to mink vs synthetic lashes? What is the difference between faux mink and synthetic lashes? Are mink or synthetic lashes better? Well, despite synthetic lashes being firmer, mink lashes last longer as they are lighter, and hold better on natural lashes, not overwhelming them, and therefore preventing earlier fallout. So, due to the thickness of synthetic lashes, they appear to stay for the smallest amount of time than any other existing type of lash extensions. Among their advantages is that they are considered to be the choice for a party or any other similar event when you want to express drama with your whole outfit and draw everyone’s attention. But, you can say that most lash artists choose faux mink, and they are considered to be the modern and trendy solution. 


Silk Lashes 


Despite the name, silk eyelash extension is not made of real silk. These extensions are made of man-made fibers. The name goes because of the texture such extension has, due to the material. Real silk can’t be used for such purpose as being too soft, it’s unable to stay in the shape of a lash. Usually, it’s a blend of plastic or acrylic materials with the addition of cashmere. When it comes to mink lashes vs silk, the tips of silk extensions are not so pointed as when you talk about mink lashes. The other difference is that you can say that mink ones are “glossier” and silk lashes are more “matte”. Such lashes can be used for Volume, as they look good in fans, as silk lashes are definitely lighter and softer. Plus, if you prefer diversity, such extensions can be found in many variations, which is pretty convenient, as many of lash techs have a wide client base, with different tastes and preferences. And yes, every technician wants to make each customer happy and return to them, so a wide range of lash extension types is a must in your salon. 


Human Hair Lashes


Among many types of lash extensions, there are also human lashes, though it may be surprising. They are pretty firm, and light and thick simultaneously. But they are more expensive than other types, due to the fact that the material is harder to collect, and moreover, even if the material is present, you still need to form extensions from human hair, and it’s all done by people and by hand. Human hair is collected from Asian regions and then it takes time to create lash extensions to sell. What about human hair lashes vs mink lashes? Well, as we have mentioned, human hair lashes consider to last longer, as they should attach pretty well to the natural lash with the help of adhesive. But the price can be very high, and usually, lash techs decide to opt out for universal faux mink material. Nowadays, most salons refuse to use human hair, as it’s not always just it in the lash tray, but all types combined. 




So, most selling companies, lash salons or individual entrepreneurs decide that faux mink is the best choice. Our lash supply store is a true individual lash paradise. You can find faux mink lashes of all categories, colors, lengths, curls, and diameters. It’s not a joke, we keep widening our range regularly and we are constantly adding lashes that gain popularity among the community. Dive into the fascinating world of extensions and stock up with various lash trays to mix, match and experiment however you want!


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