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Eyelash Extension Tweezers: Revelations

Lash Separating

Lash extension tweezers are an essential assistant in every lash tech’s kit. Moreover, they are with you at every step of the procedure. Thus, being an expert lash tech means mastering the artistry of professional lash extension tweezers usage. 

We are adding those little helpers to our product range and dedicate our today’s article to this event.


Types & Shapes


If you want to start separating lash tweezers from one another and picking the right pair for different purposes you should know that you need to pay attention to the shape of the tips. 

There are many types of tips and each one is suitable for one or more lashing techniques.

L-shape - What does it take to make perfect hand-made volume fans? A pair of L-Shaped tweezers, of course. L-Shape makes it easy to attach them as well. 

S-Shape - Your client comes and says, “Volume”. This means you are using the S-Shape while picking up and attaching hand-made fans to natural lashes. In some cases, S-Shape also serves for isolation purposes. 

F-Shape - However, there is nothing better for isolation than F-shaped professional eyelash extension tweezers. They are perfect for mink individual eyelash extensions attachment as well. 

I-Shape - Those straight tweezers are designed for Isolation and for classic style. Thinner tweezers are more suitable for isolation technique, and thicker ones are preferable for the classic lash extension style. 

X-Shape - Classic, classic and classic. Very comfortable and convenient shape for this style.

A-Shape - This shape is also the most suitable for classic lash extensions.


Choosing your Tweezers


First and foremost, you need to figure out the purpose of using lash extension tweezers. Whether it will be Classic, Volume, or Lash Fans making. For every procedure, you need a different pair to completely satisfy your needs. When it comes to isolation, you know that you have to ace this process, as isolation is essential for the whole procedure. We recommend using tweezers made of lightweight material so you do not feel numbness in your hands as you need your hands for the rest of the day to perform your job well. Uncomfortable heavy pair of tweezers is not good for your arm and overall performance, and thus, it’s important to pay attention to this factor before purchasing. 

Important! When you’re holding the tweezers, make sure that your thumb and index finger are horizontally placed on the grip. Brace the tweezers with your middle finger for additional support. Don’t hold them too far from the tips, or it will be difficult to close them, as this way you’ll feel uncomfortable pretty quickly. 


General recommendations 


So you’ve made a purchase. What’s next? The tweezers are really good, they feel like a continuation of your arm and you are satisfied with the performance. In order to get the most from using experience, we offer some tips.

★ Sterilize your lash tweezers straight after use. Do not allow your adhesive to cause damage to your tools. Also, sterilize your tweezers thoroughly after every lash extension appointment before the next client’s visit.

★ The tips of your eyelash extension tweezers demand extra care, as they are easily deformed. Stacy Lash Tweezers are equipped with a protective case to keep them sharp and secured from being damaged or bent. A silicone cap helps the tweezers last longer.

★ Make sure you put the tweezers in a safe place while not using them to secure them from falling to the floor. 

★ Try to use different tweezers for thicker extensions and for finer ones, as it significantly prolongs the life of your supplies. 

★ Make sure you won’t do any harm to your client while using your tweezers. Ask them not to make any sharp moves while you are holding them and laying still. Let us mention that conversation is key, so it’s important to elucidate what you’re doing at this very moment so  your client can feel comforted and trust you.


To Sum Up


It was never an easy task to determine which lash supplies are suitable exactly for you. We can say that you may find a perfect tool by trial and error. There are many types of lash tweezers of all shapes out there and we wish you luck in finding that one and only that stays with you. 

Hope that you liked this article. Until next time! :)

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